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TAYO Fatunla: Camberwell Black History Walk Launched in London UK | PICs

Mayor Michael Situ cutting the ribbon to launch Camberwell Black History Walk
Mayor Michael Situ cutting the ribbon to launch the Camberwell Black History Walk

*The Camberwell Black History Walk was launched in Camberwell in South East London by the Mayor of Southwark, Michael Situ.

Camberwell is home to many influential people from the Black community, past and present with a new walking tour around the area introduced.

The self-guided tour starts at the lectern on Camberwell Green but can be picked up anywhere along the route. Local historian Stephen Bourne penned The Camberwell Black History Walk. The route pays tribute to people like feminist broadcaster Una Marson medical pioneer Harold Moody and Star Wars actor John Boyega.

The plaques at each site along the route were paid for by Southwark Council and the Camberwell Society and people can scan the QR code for an audio guide voiced by young actors from Theatre Peckham of which John Boyega is a patron.

The map features the work of artist and “illustrious son of Camberwell,” Tayo Fatunla having had a long career working on projects and workshops in Camberwell and he has also worked as an Editorial cartoonist for the Pan African weekly, West Africa magazine on Coldharbour lane in Camberwell as well.

Camberwell Black History Walk - Marie Staunton - Tayo Fatunla - Seen Bourne and Tony Coleman and the Camberwell Black History Walk map - EURWEB
The Camberwell Black History Walk – Marie Staunton – Tayo Fatunla – Seen Bourne and Tony Coleman and the Camberwell Black History Walk map – EURWEB

He worked with pupils at Sacred Heart School to help shape the designs, and in the educational process, linked the young people with their heritage.

Tayo said: “This project is a testament to the significant roles these black heroes have played in our society. Working with Sacred Heart Catholic School and Theatre Peckham, we have brought the essence of these influential figures to life, hoping to inspire future generations to honor and cherish their invaluable contributions to our society.”

The Camberwell Black History Walk map
The Camberwell Black History Walk map

Tony Coleman from the Camberwell Society, said: “The Camberwell Society is proud to have spearheaded the installation of the Camberwell Black History Walk and plaques in Camberwell. The walk highlights the imagery lives by Tayo, of inspiring people who have made a difference. It highlights their achievements that deserve to be publicly celebrated and admired.”

Coleman added: “The Society worked with the author Stephen Bourne, with local community groups SE5 Forum and Camberwell Arts, and with the artist and creator of OUR ROOTS, Tayo Fatunla, with Theatre Peckham and with Southwark Council to make it happen.” Marie Staunton from the SE5 Forum said: “The community has worked together to celebrate Camberwell’s black heroes and heroines with a walk that will inspire our children and children’s children for generations to come.”….Amen Halleluiah!

Comic artist TAYO Fatunla - OUR ROOTS creator
Comic artist TAYO Fatunla – OUR ROOTS creator

TAYO Fatunla whose work has been featured on MSN.com via EURweb.com is an award-winning British-Nigerian Comic Artist, Editorial Cartoonist, Writer, and Illustrator and is an artist of the African diaspora. He is a graduate of the prestigious Kubert School, in New Jersey, US, and recipient of the 2018 ECBACC Pioneer Lifetime Achievement Award for his illustrated OUR ROOTS creation and series – Famous people in Black History – He participated at UNESCO’s Cartooning In Africa forum held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and the Cartooning Global Forum in Paris, France and has held a virtual OUR ROOTS cartoon workshop for SMITHSONIAN- National Museum of African Art, Washington D.C. His Fela Kuti image is prominently featured in Burna Boy’s mega-Afrobeat hit song “Ye”. https://www.instagram.com/tfatunla123

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