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Saweetie Joins ‘BMF’ as Keeya: A Sparkplug with Sass | WATCH

*Rapper Saweetie is stepping further into the world of acting with her role as Keeya in the third season of the highly acclaimed Starz series “BMF.” She gave us a glimpse into her character and what it’s like to transition from the music scene to the screen.

Keeya is no ordinary character, as Saweetie described her. “I feel like she’s a different type of female character that’s being introduced to the season, very tomboy,” Saweetie explained. “She’s very much in the boys club and can hold her own.” Keeya brings a fresh dynamic to the series, embodying the essence of a confident, sassy, and outspoken young woman.

For Saweetie, taking on this role was a departure from her usual musician roles.

“Typically, I’m cast for musician roles. But I told my agent, no more musician roles. I’m a musician every day. So I was really excited to play this character.”

BMF307 "Get 'em Home" Demetrius "Lil Meech" Flenory Jr. ("Meech"), Saweetie ("Keeya")
STARZ BMF “Get ’em Home” Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr. (“Meech”), Saweetie (“Keeya”)

Drawing from her own experiences growing up, Saweetie found it easy to tap into Keeya’s energy.

“I grew up with a whole bunch of guy cousins. I grew up with a whole bunch of uncles. So I was a tomboy for like half of my life,” she revealed. “I honestly feel like I tapped into the younger version of myself, which made it really easy.”

Fans can expect Keeya to make a memorable entrance onto the scene.

“She’s a sassy girl who’s confident, she got a mouthpiece on her,” Saweetie teased. “And honestly, she reminded me of me.”

As Saweetie makes her mark in episode 307. “BMF” airs Fridays on STARZ.

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