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Courtney Clenney’s Parents Defend Her N-Word Use Toward Black Ex-Boyfriend She Allegedly Murdered | VIDEO

Courtney Clenney / Photo: The Law & Crime YouTube channel.)
Courtney Clenney / Photo: The Law & Crime YouTube channel

*The parents of Courtney Clenney have come to their daughter’s defense, justifying her use of the N-word.

First, some background: The “TMZ Investigates” Season 1, Episode 4 true-crime story is titled “Killer OnlyFans Model: Deadly Love Story.” It delved into the horrific murder case involving Clenney, who was charged with second-degree murder in August 2022 for fatally stabbing her Black ex-boyfriend, Christian Obumseli.

She is accused of killing him in an apartment complex in a Miami Edgewater neighborhood. She was charged with second-degree murder.

Deborah Clenney and Kim Clenney confessed Courtney’s relationship with Obumseli was abusive on both sides, according to MadameNoire. Despite this being the case, the parents seemingly attempted to paint their daughter as the victim and justified her actions, which included calling Obumseli the N-word mid-argument.

“She told me why she called him that,” Deborah told TMZ. “Because she wanted him to leave, and she said no self-respecting Black man would stick around after being called that name. So, she thought that was a way to get him to leave.” Kim added: “Obviously, it didn’t work.”

Courtney Clenney & Christian Toby Obumseli / Instagram
Courtney Clenney & Christian Toby Obumseli / Instagram

The Clenneys’ interview with TMZ Investigates came sometime before their arrest for tampering with Obumseli’s laptop. After explaining Courtney’s use of the N-word, Deborah brought up what Madame Noire called the “my daughter likes Black guys” card, claiming Courtney would not have faced prosecution if she were Black and Obumseli were white.

“She liked him partly because he was Black,” Deborah continued. “I believe if Courtney was Black and if Christian was white, we would not be here.”

Citing an audio clip of Obumseli and Courtney arguing when he told her not to say the racial slur, Madamenoire highlighted the following:

“My bad that I forgot to tell you that,” Obumseli said. “That doesn’t make you act and call me a f**king [N-word].”

Courtney did it anyway, yelling, “You’re a [N-word]!” Obumseli responded, “Yes! Yes, thank you, coming from Courtney.”

Christian 'Toby' Obumseli - GoFundMe
Christian ‘Toby’ Obumseli – GoFundMe

As the TMZ Investigates chat continued, the Clenneys confirmed that although Courtney was temperamental whenever inebriated, they maintained their daughter killed her boyfriend out of self-defense.

“He weighed 230 pounds, and she weighed 150,” Deborah said, confirming that Courtney told her she feared Obumseli killing her.

“Yes, he almost did a couple weeks before [his death],” Deborah said. “She said that she was passing out, he was strangling her, and she said that it was going through her mind, ‘Oh my gosh, my mom’s going to have to plan my funeral.’”

The parents claimed the elevator footage of Courtney hitting Obumseli was her trying to get him out of the elevator because she did not want to be in there with him, MadameNoire noted.

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