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WATCH Drunk Fan Plummet From Balcony At Drake Concert – Twitter Not Feeling Tiffany Haddish in ‘Girls Trip 2’ + More | PicsVideos

Drake - Getty
Drake – Getty

*Social Heat is winning. Drake paused his Apollo concert after an unidentified intoxicated fan, 26, fell from the balcony. A kind, caring Drake did stop the show to see if the “fall” was OK. Thankfully, no injuries occurred except for a broken lighting fixture. The show continued.  Check out the video clips below for the harrowing scene.

“Girls Trip 2” received the green light, but fans were not feeling Tiffany Haddish reprising her role after her involvement in a distasteful child molestation skit that she did with disgraced comedian Aries Spears. What do you think? Should the producers drop her character?

Rick Ross proves he can drop club bangers and has the charisma to become a standup comedian. Check out his goofiest moments.

The Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2023 fashion show during Paris Fashion Week brought out all the celebs who wanted to see and be seen. However, Kylie Jenner caused PETA to have a conniption after she appeared wearing a form-fitting black Schiaparelli gown with an oversized lion’s head on her shoulder but vowed Mufasa’s head was “faux-taxidermy.” Rapper Doja Cat also caused a stir when she popped up covered in 30,000 hand-applied red Swarovski crystals that took 4 hours and 58 minutes to complete. The look is called “Doja’s Inferno,” but many social media users were creeped out and dubbed her getup, HPV…lol rude, Patient Zero, and coronavirus; well, they’re not wrong.

Check out all the cray-cray below.

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WATCH Drake fan/concert attendee fall from balcony of The Apollo Theater:

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