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TikTok Optical Illusion Claims it Can Tell You if You Have Self Doubt or Feel Doubt from Others | WATCH

Mia Yilin - TikTok
Mia Yilin – TikTok

*If you’ve ever wondered about doubting yourself, social media could be of some assistance. Citing an optical illusion on TikTok, reports the image can tell you if you experience self-doubt or if doubt from other people causes you to self-doubt yourself.

The image, titled ” What’s the first thing you see in this picture?” was posted on Oct. 6 by TikTok creator Mia Yilin. Yilin is known for her in-depth interpretations of different optical illusions.

In this case, Yilin claims the latest illusion can tell you if you see life through an artistic lens or if you are particularly capable of bouncing back from misfortune.

The image centers around a bird and a vintage record player. Yilin is featured in the image, telling viewers that what you first spot can offer a telling sign about your personality.

“If you first saw the bird, then you often see the world through an artistic lens, and find beauty in the smallest of details,” Yilin said. “’However, you experience a lot of self-doubt and struggle to fully embrace your uniqueness and creativity because of it.’

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After explaining what happens if you see the bird, Yilin explores the consequences of seeing the vintage record player, saying, “If you first saw the vintage record player, then you are someone who is always able to bounce back from misfortune and learn from your mistakes.”

“You have the most amazing ideas, but doubt from other people causes you to be unsure of yourself,” Yilin stated while handing out the following advice for either personality type.

“Make sure to trust your instinct and chase your dreams.”

Since it first appeared, Yilin’s optical illusion has gone viral with more than 457,000 followers on TikTok, along with 15,000 views, more than 1,500 likes, and 20 comments from folks who can relate to Yulin’s interpretations via her personality test.

Although sightings have been mixed, many of the commenters agree they could all spot the same object first.

“Vintage player,” one person said, while another agreed, stating, “Record player.”

“2nd one and again I have indeed had lots of good ideas but people talking them down made me not go through with them sadly,” another TikToker who identified with Yilin’s analysis shared.

Overall, only one person claimed to have first spotted a bird, while others insisted that they saw both the bird and record player at the same time, Daily Mail noted.

For more about Yilin’s optical illusion and its self-doubt claims, click here.

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