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Internet Troll Charleston White Offers $20K to First Player Who Injures Deion Sanders’ Son Shedeur | WATCH

Shedeur Sanders, Colorado Buffaloes. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
Shedeur Sanders, Colorado Buffaloes. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

*Controversial internet troll Charleston White sparked outrage after offering $20,000 to any college football player who injures Shedeur Sanders, the son of coach Deion Sanders

White made the shocking statement in a viral video because he remains bitter over Sanders’ decision to leave Jackson State University, a historically black university (HBCU), to coach at Colorado State University, a predominantly white institution. White claims Sanders betrayed the black community.

In the video below, he said, “F*** Deion, go Jackson State.”

“Jackson State University winning, too… Y’all ain’t rootin’ for them,” the former gangbanger said, reports.

“And all them Little League n-gga coaches in your city, you ain’t rootin’ and rallying and cheering behind them poor n-ggas,” White added. 

Shedeur is Colorado’s quarterback and Charleston’s offer to any player who deliberately injures him sparked a wave of backlash under the video post.

On X, (formally Twitter), one user commented under White’s video, “Hating just to hate doesn’t make sense.”

Another said, “Not his son, Lord. We don’t need that.”

A third added, “As a black man you should be ashamed of yourself. It seems like you’ll say anything just to get some clout. The Bible tells us not to hate our brothers, you too old for this.”

In response to the critics, White said in a follow-up video that “football is supposed to be barbaric.”


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