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Charleston White Arrested in Texas on Assault, Animal Cruelty Charges

Charleston White

*Charleston White was arrested Monday in Texas on two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of animal cruelty. The controversial social media personality was in custody at the Lon Evans Corrections Center in Fort Worth, Texas, before posting a $31,000 bond. According to All Hip Hop, the bond on each […]

Charleston White Reacts After Two Lakers Fans Attack Him on Stage | Video

Charleston White

*Controversial comedian Charleston White was attacked on stage during a live performance in Crockett, Texas, on Saturday night.  White was assaulted after talking smack about the 2020 NBA Finals when the Los Angeles Lakers won the championship over the Miami Heat. Two audience members weren’t happy with White’s questioning of the win’s validity, Complex reports.  […]

Shaun King Defends T.I. Against Charleston White’s Criticism | Video

Shaun King defends and T.I.

*Shaun King is defending T.I. and his son King Harris after controversial social media star Charleston White took aim at the rapper and his family.  Harris has been making headlines as of late over his wild public antics. The teen went viral after getting into an altercation at a Waffle House. He also posted a […]