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Black Owner of Jamaican Cottage Business Bans ‘Entitled, Unappreciative’ Black Americans (Video)

Owner of Rustic Mountain Living in TikTok video
Owner of Rustic Mountain Living

*The Black owner of a Jamaican cottage business says she will no longer allow Black Americans as guests because they feel entitled and always want things for free. But the guest who apparently sparked her response appears to be a white woman, who has taken to TikTok to explain why she wants people online to “blow her up” … virtually.

It all started when the owner of Rustic Mountain Living, aka The Barefoot Island Lady (TBIL), took to the lodging’s TikTok page several times to voice her opinion of Black Americans, and to announce she is no longer renting out her cottages to Black Americans for short-term stays.

In one video, TBIL says she doesn’t believe that all Black Americans are the problem, but said that some “disrespectful,” “entitled” and “unappreciative” guests were fighting with each other on her property. She said of Black Americans: “America has spoiled them and give them so much free s**t, where they think they can come to Jamaica and get the same free s**t out here, and they’re nasty about it.”

In a follow-up video, the woman said that she will not apologize for her stance, despite the backlash it has generated in the press and through negative comments on her video posts.

Watch her series of posts below:

@rusticmountainliving No More Short Term Stay! Long Term Only! #comedy #cali #la #life #happy #Love #BarefootIslandLady #rusticmountainliving #foryou #fypシ #jamaica #uk #america #germany #australia #china #asia ♬ original sound – The Barefoot Island Lady

@rusticmountainliving FULL Explanation of Why There’s No More Shorterm Stay! #comedy #cali #la #life #happy #Love #BarefootIslandLady #rusticmountainliving #foryou #fypシ #jamaica #uk #america #germany #australia #china #asia ♬ original sound – The Barefoot Island Lady

@rusticmountainliving Not Apologizing #comedy #cali #la #life #happy #Love #BarefootIslandLady #rusticmountainliving #foryou #fypシ #jamaica #uk #america #germany #australia #china #asia ♬ original sound – The Barefoot Island Lady

Meanwhile, a TikTok user named thatsodana2, who appears to be white, angrily told her followers to “blow up” Rustic Mountain Living over a dispute that she had with TBIL, claiming the woman, “has not refunded me and I don’t think she was ever planning on refunding me, so go blow up her page.”

Thatsodana2 explained that TBIL cancelled her trip because “I was annoying her with questions and that she thought I was ‘going to be drama’ because I was asking her too many questions. Thatsodana2 said the woman was “mad that I wouldn’t pay $3000 for her driver to drive me around.”

“I said I was gonna get a rental car, and she didn’t like that,” so TBIL cancelled her trip.

Watch below:

After Thkatsodana2’s video went viral, some Twitter users did a deeper dive into her other TikToks and found this exchange between the two while booking the stay. “Dana” mentions that she only dates Black men, but “they suck cuz they are American Blacks.” That prompted TBIL to respond: “OMG yess, American Blacks sucks lol. Really bad too.”

Needless to say, the videos posted by both TBIL and Thatsodana2 have agitated Twitter. View some of the blowback below:

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