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White South African Man Charged with Assault for Attacking Black Teen | WATCH-it-Happen

(Image: Twitter/@Tumii_Frost/Screenshot)
(Image: Twitter/@Tumii_Frost/Screenshot)

*Social media is outraged after a circulating video on the internet of a White South African man physically assaulting a Black South African teenage boy at the Maselspoort Resort, allegedly designating the pool area for white people only, Hollywood Unlocked reports.

Police officials are investigating the incident once the Nakedi family filed charges for common assault against the three white men in the video. Still, the case is under consideration for attempted murder, according to the South African media outlet EWN Reporter.

South African Tourism released an official statement denouncing the racially motivated attack.

“All South Africans, as well as all visitors alike, have the right to enjoy South Africa…we must connect with each other as we explore our country and also open our hearts and doors to welcome visitors from all over the world,” the statement read

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The teenage boy’s sister, who goes by the Twitter handle @Tumii_Frost posted the video online, and according to the men face charges of attempted murder and what’s known as crimen injuria.

Crimen injuria is a crime under the South African common law. It is defined as the act of “unlawfully, intentionally and seriously impairing the dignity of another.”

The definition continues: Racial insults using racially offensive language and emotional or psychological abuse are considered as the crimes under crimen injuria.

DA Free State Leader Roy Jankielsohn also stated about the viral video.

“The parents of the minors are encouraged to lay criminal charges for a thorough investigation by the South African Police Service.”

Jankielsohn added: “We must be united in our condemnation of all acts of violence in our province and country. We must allow the law to take its course in the fight against all crimes, no matter what the motivation behind them.”

Anti-Blackness is a sickness, and it is global.

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