Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Lamar Odom Allegedly Dating Transgender Actress Daniiellè Alexis

*Lamar Odom is reportedly dating a transgender woman named Daniiellè Alexis

Alexis is a popular Australian actress and model who starred in the Australian hit tv series “Wentworth,” MediaTakeOut reports. Alexis shared a photo on Instagram showing the former white man cozied up with the former NBA star.  According to the report, one fan wrote, “You guys are amazing together! ”. Another added, “You deserve the world and then some!!! I’m so beyond excited for you my absolute bestie ”

A commenter on Lipstick Ally noted, “… I’m not going to say what I actually want to say. Let me just put it like: they seem well suited, mentally.”

Another said, “he’s happy, living his truth and not trying to hide what he likes. that’s his business.”

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A third noted of Khloe Kardashian’s ex-husband, “Someone on here said that the men who are attracted to the Kardashians must be attracted to trans women. They did not lie apparently!” To which another commenter replied, “Freaks attract freaks. Kanye is another example. So is Travis. Scott also gives me bisexual vibes. Lol and their daddy is trans. To be kicking with that family you need to be abnormal.”

Alexis previously spoke about coming out as a trans woman in a 2020 interview with Woman’s Day magazine. 

“My original name was Shayne and I was born a boy — and I can finally say that name and feel safe that I’m not about to get teased,” Alexis said, as reported by Revolt. 

“Mum understood and never tried to change me. I grew my hair, wore colourful clothing, collected My Little Ponies and was dancing and performing from when I was four,” Alexis added.

“Dad, however, never supported my feminine pursuits, and when he bought me a yellow boy’s mountain bike for my fifth birthday, I bawled my eyes out, wondering why I was being punished.”

Lamar has not confirmed that he is officially boo’d up with Alexis. 

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