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Single Black Women Are One of the Fastest-Growing Groups of Firearms Owners

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*Single Black women are one of the fastest-growing groups of firearms owners, according to the National African American Gun Association.

“Without black women, we wouldn’t have the level of success nor deliver a balanced narrative within our communities relating to firearms. Women are presently taking the next steps to become firearms instructors, chapter leaders, and 2nd amendment advocates. They are feverishly networking with other black women about the benefits of firearms and firearms training,” per a statement on the organization’s official website.

As reported by ABC News 4 “Gun sales for 2020 and 2021 hit around 20 million, breaking records. Surprisingly, almost 70% of first-time gun owners during this time frame were people of color younger, many younger than 45,” the outlet writes. 

“When Black folks came to this country we didn’t have guns. We were slaves. So, the gun was something like a Bible in the slave masters’ quarters. It was something you looked at but you didn’t touch. Now that’s been demystified,” said Philip Smith, president of the National African American Gun Association.

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Gun Ownership (artas-Getty Images)
Gun Ownership (artas-Getty Images)

“The reason why we’ve gotten attacked, the reason why we’ve been lynched, the reason why we’ve suffered is because historically, we do not have firearms,” said Smith. “We certainly want to be able to protect ourselves and I think from a defensive posture we should be able to do that and do that.”

Per NAAGA’s website: “You now see black women competing in NSSF, GSSF, IDPA, and 3 Gun like never before. Nationwide, they are taking steps to create their paths. Additionally, significant firearms companies have taken notice and are developing ads using women of color.  It’s no longer the traditional photo of white men.”

In related news, the NAAGA has rolled out virtual chapters that aim to connect members in their region virtually and build a deeper Brotherhood and Sisterhood via online. Per the website, the organization will have five regions:

Southwest – Black Trigger Gun Club
Midwest – Stars Gun Club
Southeast – Da Sharp Shooters Gun Club
Northeast – Urban Warriors Gun Club
West – Snipers Gun Club

You can refer to the NAAGA Chapters Map to see what region you can join.

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