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Chingy Reacts After Beauty Executive is Fired Over Racist Meme Referencing Rapper | VIDEO

Rapper Chingy (Photo by Mike Pont/Getty Images for AWXII)

*An Estée Lauder executive who was earning $10 million a year was swiftly fired after he posted a racist meme that included rapper Chingy’s name.

“It doesn’t mean much to me because I think it was just an honest mistake the guy made,” Chingy reportedly said after John Demsey was dismissed for posting a since-deleted meme on Instagram that showed Sesame Street characters Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus along with a racial slur and a joke about COVID-19.

Demsey served as executive group president of The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. and claimed he did not read the meme prior to sharing it on his account. Check out the controversial image below. 

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Demsey issued an apology for sharing the meme, and Chingy decided to address the situation in the comments of Demsey’s Instagram post. Read his full apology post below:


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In the comments of the post, the former hip-hop star responded, “I’m CHINGY who you wurr speaking of and I didn’t take it a way at all. Matter fact I can tell you wurr jus trying to be hip like the kids today an it jus came out the wrong way. I didn’t see it as being a racial slurr ethier my brother. I love you guys products always have and I hope you keep yurr job my man,” the St. Louis rapper wrote, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

Chingy also posted a video of himself with his daughter in which he further speaks on the situation, Hot 97 reports.

“I think it was just an honest mistake that the guy made,” Chingy said in the video shared by The Shade Room. “I want to say peace and love to J. Demsey. I didn’t take it no type of way.” 

Watch the clip below.


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