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Brittany Renner Claps Back at Claims of Trapping PJ Washington [VIDEO]

PJ Washington and Brittany Renner via TMZ

*Brittany Renner had candid conversation with DJ Akademiks on his “Off The Record” podcast, where she addressed rumors that she trapped NBA baller PJ Washington by having his baby.

Ice Cream Convos writes:

Brittany Renner made it very clear that she was in a relationship with the 23-year-old NBA baller and it was him who wanted her to move in with him, discontinue her birth control, and have his baby. Apparently, after the child was born, the relationship went sour and the end result was PJ taking to social media making public pleas to see his son.

Brittany, 29, also addressed being called a predator due to the age gap between her and her baby daddy. Per the report, she noted the ages difference between Jay-Z (51) and Beyoncé (40) as well as Lori Harvey (24) and Michael B. Jordan (34).

Watch a portion of her convo with Akademiks below.

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As it was previously reported, Renner broke up with Charlotte Hornets’ star PJ Washington this year after he called her out for “faking” their relationship months after giving birth to their child. The 29-year-old IG model and author was also criticized by fans who accused her of “grooming” the younger Washington. To make matters worse, she received even more backlash after she shared a picture of herself at Jackson State University with the caption “Hide your sons.”

One social media user tweeted at the time, “Imagine the outrage if a damn near 30-year-old man went up to a college campus talking bout “hide ya daughters.” Another pointed out, “Brittany Renner knew PJ Washington would be an easy target. That’s what predators do. That boy was a year fresh out of high school when she was grooming him. Keep the same energy when it’s 27/yo man grooming an 18/yo girl.#protectblackgirlsANDboys”

Brittany later clapped back with a sarcastic response: “Yeah imagine someone 18 or older wanting to f**k me and me wanting to f**k them so we f**k…very outrageous! Call Chris Hansen NOW!!!!” she said.

During her new interview with Joe Budden, Brittany continued to defend herself: “The whole predator sh*t… it was our homecoming and there were 60-year-old’s on campus. It’s just like, it is what it is. I’m allowed to sleep with someone who’s 18 if I wanted to and that’s all I was really defending.”

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