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George Floyd Statue Vandal Captured on Camera in NYC [WATCH]

Union Square statues (Geo Floyd John LewisBreonna Taylor) - GettyImages-1235609382-1024x683
Statues of George Floyd, John Lewis and Breonna Taylor made by the artist Chris Carnabuci for Confront Art’s exhibition “Seeinjustice” on display in Union Square in New York City. (Getty)

*We reported earlier that someone vandalized a statue of George Floyd in New York’s Union Square with paint.

The incident occurred not even 48 hours after it was unveiled to the public in an emotional ceremony. The statue is one of 3 — including Breonna Taylor and John Lewis. It was smeared with what appears to be grey paint. As it turns out, the culprit behind the attack was caught on camera doing the deed.

Per TMZ, the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers division released surveillance video they say depicts the suspect vandalizing the statue. Several people in the area watch him but no one stops the man. He was able to flee the scene and now the NYPD Hate Crime Task Force is reportedly investigating the incident. 

Per the report… cops are asking for tips or any help. See the man in action via the YouTube clip below.

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George Floyd Statue (vandalized1) in Union Square (Shannon Ferry-Twitter)
George Floyd Statue (vandalized1) in Union Square (Shannon Ferry-Twitter)

Meanwhile, the damage inflicted on the George Floyd bust in Union Square is already being repaired. 

Here’s more from TMZ:

Lindsay Eshelman — co-founder of Confront Art, who teamed up with George’s brother, Terrence, and his org We Are Floyd to produce the statues — tells TMZ … she and her team showed up shortly after news broke that the bust was vandalized, but were pleasantly surprised to see there were already at least 5 individuals working to clean up the mess. One of the other good Samaritans was Eric Garner‘s son, Eric Jr., whom we’re told formed a close bond with Terrence through this entire ordeal. 

Eshelman tells us she and Confront Art are trying organize a watch group to look after the statue, otherwise known as “keepers” — as there are 30 days left in the installation, and they’re worried this might happen again.

George Floyd Statue (vandalized) in Union Square (Shannon Ferry-Twitter)
George Floyd Statue (vandalized) in Union Square (Shannon Ferry-Twitter)

The three statues comprise an installation called “#SeeInjustice,” and will be on display until Oct. 30.  After that, they will travel to different cities across the country before being auctioned, with proceeds benefiting charities connected to Lewis, Floyd and Taylor.


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