Monday, September 26, 2022

‘The Wire’: Male Actor Alleges Sex Abuse – Female Journalist Said it was Consensual | VIDEO

Gbenga Akinnagbe accused Lola Adesioye of sexually abusing him by touching his buttocks?!

*Somebody smell B.S? What a waste of court time and even newspaper space. Seriously? So, “The Wire” actor Gbenga Akinnagbe filed criminal charges accusing his ex girlfriend (a journalist) of sexually abusing him by touching his buttocks?!

Let Lola Adesioye (the defendant) tell it, they were in a relationship. And its proven within many text messages (three binders worth since 2019), between the two. Plus, photos of them poising like a happy couple of lovers.

According to Adesioye’s attorney Robert Gottlieb, yes, there is in fact proof that the two were in involved. The flirty text messages that happened before, after and even during the sexual abuse Akinnagbe accuses Adesioye of, prove it.

“In that first binder are hundreds of texts back and forth from one another that make it very clear that you have two young people flirting with one another,” Gottlieb told the New York Post. “They were talking about snuggling. … They talk about kissing.”

Still, Akinnagbe seems to really want blood. He pressed charges and Adesioye was arrested May 26, 2021. She’s charged with sexual abuse; including forcible touching and harassment.


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Geez! Would somebody really go through the trouble of going to court for this? And why on earth would a guy put a lady, of whom he maintains intimacy with, in jail for touching his butt? There has to be something up.

Is it possible that the fall-out lovers are in cahoots together for press? Are the police and courts really involved? Is there some mental illness going on. Is this writer a bit too suspicious? OK, maybe… But, is this wild or what?


According to Gottlieb, this isn’t the first time the pair faced each other in court. Just before the current charges, they settled civil charges against one another. Akinnagbe sued for back rent, while Adesioye asked the court to make him pay for her labor.

Once the civil charges were settled Akinnagbe claimed sexual abuse, reports Gottlieb.

It’s unclear what happened at the civil level. But, it looks like, if all of this is actually real, maybe Adesioye came out on top and Akinnagbe is just mad about it.

Lola Adesioye and Gbenga Akinnagbe

Check out some of the “facts” as stated by Adesioye’s attorney, Robert Gottlieb:

  • “… It’s clear Lola Adesioye feels hurt and abused by this fellow because while all of this is going on she moves from her apartment in Manhattan and moves into an apartment that he owns and she is a neighbor of his now,” the lawyer said.
  • “They take trips upstate and this is after he alleged that she committed the sexual crimes against him,” he continued. “She was working for him 24/7. She was on call every single second of every day — on weekends, writing press releases for him.”
  • “She demanded payment for the work and he demanded money on back rent and they settled and everybody thought the matter was closed,” he said. “Shortly after the matter was settled, she gets a knock on the door from the police.”

Hm, sounds fishy. Yeah, maybe it’s a publicity stunt; a scheme. Since that’s what “the attorney” said Adesioye does for Akinnagbe on call “24/7,” she writes press releases for him, he said.

Um, who wrote the press release for this story. Nice photos and everything; could it be Adesioye?

Of the criminal charges, Gottlieb said the trial is set for August 10.

Regarding what the attorney said he told prosecutors: 

“I told them they should not contact me with any offer other than an outright dismissal,” said Gottlieb of prosecutors. “The charges are blatantly false, I’m hoping that the district attorney will do the right thing and dismiss the case.”

What do you think? Is this saga real, or is it fiction?




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