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NFL to Play Black National Anthem Before Games Despite the Fact That No One Asked for it

black nationall GettyImages-914302892-e1593721930788*Did you hear about this? The National Football League (NFL) is temporarily replacing “The Star-Spangled Banner”, the national anthem of the United States of America with “Lift Every Voice and Sing” (a Black hymn), as the honorable song before its 2021 games?

In a bet, you’d wager correctly that some people are pissed about it.

But the very controversial move is already in motion, and Alicia Keys became the first to sing what’s known as the Black national anthem before an NFL game (Super Bowl 55 last February).

Perhaps Colin Kaepernick fired for “dissing” the “Star Spangled Banner” should get something for his trouble. Since the whole damned song is now scrapped.

Before the Nation was shocked to consciousness regarding the truth about Police brutality against Black Americans, Kaepernick made a stance that for Blacks, the ideas represented in the National Anthem aren’t quite a reality, yet…

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He’s been in good company since historically, the wise and brave about it are regularly thought crazy before the truth comes out. Think of Albert Einstein (a physicist known for developing the theory of relativity).

In that regard: it was last year’s public killing of George Floyd (at the hands of a White Minneapolis police officer), and the subsequent worldwide protests saying Black Lives Matter (BLM) that inspired a movement.  And one might say there’s a fever, because of it, that’s got big businesses scrambling to support Black interests and well-being.

And like Einstein, the NFL and other’s like ’em might be on to something brilliant. Perhaps there’s something mighty brewing in America.

And for right now (who knows if it’ll last), there’s a light shining from the great beyond…

This can be assumed, in part, because usually one news event quickly replaces the other (in American media), no matter how devastating. Take Covid-19 example: the pandemic quieted cries about Kobe Bryant’s death like rain washing fire away. But a year later (after BLM protests signs came down) the promises of change (regarding Black treatment in America) are still in the making (…and yeah, we still miss Kobe, too).

BLM sign at NFL game - GettyImages1277253797MLDCjpgBut back to the drama and people confusing brilliance with crazy (as reports, as to the move to support Blacks for just one year (by supplementing the opening song; an arguably appropriate nod to Blacks). Heck, aren’t basketball and football both Black dominated sports? Here’s a few comments the emboldened (or haters) have made:

  • “These geniuses just guaranteed that they will be out of business in two years. #boycottNFL NFL To Replace ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ With ‘Black National Anthem,’ Feature BLM Felons On Player Helmets And Jerseys.”
  • “Nobody should ever watch another NFL game. Make the league fold. Disgusting act of racism playing a “black only” national anthem.”
  • “Boycott all NFL Games. We already have a National Anthem. It’s for all colors. But let’s give them everything including the kitchen sink.”
  • “NFL behind close doors. Plantation team owners believe that great patriotic black Americans are not Americans. ‘Let’s give them their own watermelon fried-chicken jive-turkey anthem. We’ll give our slave players something to cheer about. Keep them happy!’”

And in the end, the whole “Lift Every Voice and Sing” move is really just a kind gesture, especially after what happened to Colin Kaepernick, and particularly what happened with George Floyd (a brutality that Blacks had been begging for help for, while being gas lit for pulling “the race card”, all along.

And here’s what NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said:

“We, the National Football League, believe Black lives matter. …Without Black players, there would be no National Football League.”

Related Facts:

  • The National Basketball League (NBL) is donating 300 million towards economic growth among Black communities.
  • The Major League Baseball (MLB) plans to cough out 150 million to get more Blacks in the game.
  • Colin Kaepernick was fired by the San Francisco 49ers and subsequently erased by the NFL when he became the first player to kneel for the national anthem in protest against police brutality and racial inequality (learn more about this fact and what’s happening with Kaepernick at the Post Gazette).



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