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A New Boo & Maybe A Baby Bump For ‘LHHM’s’ Amara La Negra Who Shares New Season Secrets | WATCH

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*The one and only Amara La Negra (“Love and Hip Hop Miami”) reveals in an exclusive chat with EUR Spotlight and radio & TV personality Jazmyn Summers that she has found a new love and might be growing the family.

“Let me give you this tea. I have a new love interest this season and maybe the family is going to start growing.”

She wouldn’t say more about the apparent baby bump she might be rockin but she did say she is in love with a proud Afro-Dominican who, like her, is investing in real estate and business.

“I was doing investments in the Dominican Republic and I got into getting a different kind of bag. Don’t  just be a hot girl and have a hot girl summer, but be able to enjoy that hot girl summer 10 years from now. I have nine properties I rent out.  He’s a realtor, an investor and he was doing the same thing.  So now I got another Dominican, another Afro-Latino in the house,” she gushes.

We’ll get to meet him in the new season.

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There was mad drama around Emjay, last season’s love interest, and she ultimately had to say deuces to the relationship, but she says she still loves him.

“I love Emjay to this day.  I will always have a special part in my heart for him but it was already difficult having a relationship in real life. Having one on TV where everyone is judging you puts a lot of pressure into your relationship.  I think if we hadn’t been public, we would have stayed together much longer. ”

Amara wouldn’t give up the tea on her and Nick Cannon who admitted last year that he was “lowkey jealous” when she got with Emjay. “Just do your thing on the low and don’t make it public,” she teases.

Nick who is battling lupus-related kidney disease, just had his fourth child with his third baby mama in the past four months.  He has seven all together.

“Now I say look at that I missed my opportunity,” Amara jokes saying she wants lots of kids. “Seriously he’s a great man.  I am a judgement free zone.  He has a right to do whatever he wants with his life.   He’s living his life.  The moms are happy.  Who are we to judge?”

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Nick Cannon (Facebook)

Meanwhile, Amara says she is struggling with some health issues of her own and dropped 35 pounds from a high last year of 215.

“A lot of times people don’t know what you’re going through, ” she tells EUR Spotlight.  She was trolled on the internet for becoming more svelte and looking gorgeous I might add.  “I didn’t understand it and it hurt a little,” Amara divulges, “but I kept the bootie.  I just lost a little of it.” Amara recommends detoxing and liquid diets to lose weight and stay healthy.

Amara La Negra (2021 -yellow pantsuit1) - GettyAmara’s story is a compelling one. Her mother is an immigrant. She crossed the border and walked miles “literally so see just a litte hope of the American dream,” Amara shares. “When you come from that type of poverty. You are willing to just work hard – 24/7 it doesn’t matter what it is. We used to clean houses,  sell flowers on the streets, put flyers on cars.  I’m never ashamed of all the hard work I did.”

“At one point in my life when I was around 24 I ended up being homeless,” Amara disclosed to Spotlight. “I fell in love with this guy. Things got messy and he ended up kicking my mom out.  My mom is my ride or die.  If you kick her out you kick me out. I ended up living in my car for 3 months, parked in McDonalds, washed with wipees at 24 hour Walgreens. It was crazy. I was already famous at the time. I would keep all my clothes in the car and come out of the car killing it. No one ever knew that deep down I was starving,  and i wanted to reach out for help.  I wanted to say oh my God  I’m going through it. Please help me but i didn’t’ say anything because I was ashamed.  Some of those experiences traumatized me.  I think its part of why I got into real estate so that I will always have a home.”

“Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” is already airing and “Love and Hip Hop Miami” is right behind,  They’re just wrapping the filming now.  It’s a different show. Nothing like I’ve done the past 3 seasons. After George Floyd and Black Lives Matter, its redirecting the show in a more positive direction. I love what’s happening right now.”

Amara La Negra (2021 -yellow pantsuit) - GettyBut there’s still hella drama.  Amara made up with Jojo who she was beefing with in the last season.

“I have mad love for her. I’m very proud of her.  She’s working on freeing immigrants who can’t afford legal assistance.  If she sees this interview I want her to know I’m proud of her,” She tells Spotlight. As for Veronica, they’re still not friends but “I’ve made peace and Im keeping it pushing.” But there are still some other folks that will create the drama and the fights.

Is “Love and Hip Hop” fake?  Yes and no Amara divulges.

“Some of the “Love & Hip Hop” scenarios are fake. They put you in awkward situations where in real life you wouldn’t have been there or even been speaking to that person. But  no one tells you how to react or tells you what to  say out of your mouth.  People might flip a table because they want more people talking about them, more attention in the blogs.  But you don’t have to go there. And when people say I handled a situation well. That was my choice.”

She is still putting the pieces together with her father who she says didn’t want her when she was a child.

“My dad is never going to be what  I want.  I’m never going to be daddy’s little girl because that bond is gone.  Just because he wasn’t a good father doesn’t mean I can’t be a good daughter.  You didn’t want me but now you living in my house,” she declares. “It took a lot of will and the power of prayer to forgive and sometimes I be wanting to spazz out.  But ultimately forgiveness is for your own personal healing.”

Amara’s real name is Diana, She took her first name from a singing group she was in called Amara after they broke up. “They used to call me that Black girl.”  So she took the name La Negra to stand up and showcase her pride in her Blackness.

For the full exclusive interview check out the video, above.

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Jazmyn Summers

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