Friday, October 22, 2021

American Airlines Forces Two-Time Cancer Survivor To Cover Her ‘F*** Cancer’ Shirt (Watch)

roslyn singleton sweatshirt
Roslyn Singleton talks about her treatment by American Airlines on WSOC

*Two-time cancer survivor Roslyn Singleton says she was humiliated by American Airlines staff after they gave her an ultimatum: either cover up her ‘f*** cancer’ sweatshirt or be prevented from boarding her flight from Los Angeles to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Singleton, whom you may recognize from her 2020 appearance on “Ellen” (watch below), asked the employee if the policy was in writing, but went ahead and covered it up with a jacket so she could board the flight. She said she was later approached by a second staff member regarding the issue after she’d already covered the sweatshirt with a jacket.

“The first thing she said to me — she didn’t say hello, she didn’t say ma’am, she didn’t say anything — she said, ‘I was made aware that there was an issue,’” Singleton explained. “I literally just took my jacket off. I ripped the sweatshirt off my body and I just walked away and stood in line and felt humiliated because she literally pointed me out like a child after I complied with what they asked me to do.”

Watch Singleton’s social media posts about the incident below:

Asked about the incident by local news outlet WSOC-TV, American Airlines said employees should have considered the context of Singleton’s sweatshirt and offered her an apology. She has retained an attorney and, together, they’re asking the company for an apology, that the employees involved be fired and for AA to review its training on how to handle customer conflicts.

Singleton said the issue isn’t what they asked her to do, but how they treated her.

“If I would’ve been approached differently, and the delivery would’ve been different, I would’ve gladly had no problem, but I was humiliated,” she said.

Singleton said her sweatshirt describes perfectly how she feels about the disease that nearly claimed her life.

“I don’t love cancer,” she said. “I don’t respect it, and my sweatshirt gave my exact sentiments on something that has tried to kill me twice.”

Video of Rosyln being serenaded by her husband Ray Singleton during her battle with brain cancer went viral in Jan 2020, and landed them a spot on “Ellen.” Watch below.



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