Sunday, October 2, 2022

Proposed California Bill Calls for Gender-Neutral Aisles for Kids at Retailers [VIDEO]

*The looney liberals in California are considering a new bill that would make it illegal for large retailers to have gender-specific areas for children’s toys and clothing. 

Per, Assembly Bill 1084 would apply to retailers with 500 or more employees and seeks to establish gender-neutral retail areas where children’s items are being displayed, prohibiting “the use of signage within each undivided area indicating that particular items are for either girls or for boys.”

The proposal was introduced last month by Assemblymembers Evan Low, who chairs the Legislative LGBT Caucus of the Bay Area, and Cristina Garcia of Los Angeles. The bill’s original wording included children’s clothing among the items banned but during the amendment process, children’s clothing has been eliminated from the list, according to the report. 

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In a statement to KTVU, Low said, “Children should be able to express themselves freely and focus on more important things than stereotypical gender norms.” 

Here’s more from TMZ:

In other words, places like Target, Walmart or Kohls that sells childcare items, children’s toys/products or children’s wardrobe wouldn’t be able to steer folks to certain sections based on sex — it would just be a free-for-all … where parents and kids could roam freely to what they liked. They’d also be prohibited from dividing the floor space up by gender.

There’s more … any websites these stores operate would have to change their categories too — so instead of boys/girls (whatever) … it’d read “kids,” “unisex” or “gender-neutral.” 

Some retailers have already started eliminating gender-based signs and sections, like Target, which apparently made the move in 2015. Abrcrombie, H&M, Old Navy and Zara have also launched unisex lines for kids. 

“Toys are toys. Let’s make safe spaces for all children and let kids be kids,” Low said, noting that the state of California “is actually playing catch-up on this issue.”

If the revised version of AB 1084 passes, retailers who don’t comply would be fined $1,000 per violation. 

Ny MaGee
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