Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Cooking Show ‘Tasting History With Max Miller’ (Watch)

*It’s a food-aversary!

This winter, the YouTube channel “Tasting History with Max Miller” is celebrating its one year jubilee and new cookbook.

Max Miller recreates historical recipes from the Medieval and Renaissance eras, Ancient Greek, Roman times and spotlights traditional foods from around the world. The show’s popularity exploded amid the nationwide stay-at-home-orders in 2020, with viewers tuning in  every Tuesday for their latest culinary history lesson.

EUR correspondent Fahnia Thomas spoke to the Phoenix born creator about his grocery supplies, the wildest viewer requests and sewing pigs to birds.

Tasting History with Max Miller
Cockentrice – ‘Tasting History with Max Miller’

“The weight of history inspires me,” expressed Miller. “Whenever I feel unmotivated or depressed, I read about people like Galileo, Charles Darwin, Harriet Tubman or the G.I.s storming the beaches of Normandy. It’s not one person, but the many, many stories of people whose deeds dwarf anything I could ever be dealing with. It always puts things into perspective.”

“Tasting History” combines his historical perspective with his charm and zeal.

“Sometimes, what seems like the worst thing can lead to an amazing opportunity,” explained the cook about turning an occupational roadblock into a successful creative project. “I’m not a professional chef or historian, just a lover of both who has turned a passion into something that resonates.”

Tasting History with Max Miller
Semlor – ‘Tasting History with Max Miller’

In February, Simon & Schuster’s Tiller Press announced it will publish a historical cookbook based on “Tasting History.” The untitled book, slated for publication in 2022, will feature some of the series most popular and unusual ancient recipes.

“Here at Tiller Press, we love to discover emerging voices,” shared Executive Editor Anja Schmidt.

Babylonian Tuh_u – ‘Tasting History with Max Miller’

For more details on “Tasting History with Max Miller” follow him on YouTube, Twitter and @tastinghistorywithmaxmiller

About: “Tasting History” is a food and history show hosted by Max Miller on YouTube that explores the recreation of culinary delights. Since the channel’s inception in February 2020, it has garnered over 570K+ channel subscribers and over 23M+ total views.



  1. I really miss cooking if I have a week of being out every day. And I don’t seem to be that good at planning my diary, I have weeks of nothing then weeks when I am out twice a day!

  2. I keep seeing the phrase “Chef’s Kitchen” being bandied about in real estate advertisements. Does that mean something in particular or is it just marketing hype? It seems like the threshold for equipment needed by a good chef to cook a nice meal is pretty low. It’s the ingredients in the food that makes the real marketing


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