Saturday, June 19, 2021

Tyrese’s Hand Goes for Mary J. Blige’s Thigh and Gets Shut Down: ‘Aye, Aye, Aye, N*gga!’ / WATCH

Mary J Blige & Tyrese - Getty
Mary J. Blige & Tyrese – Getty

*Folks on Twitter and other social media platforms are having their say about Tyrese getting all touchy-feely with Mary J. Blige and gettin’ shutdown in the process.

The two were taking snaps at her 50th b-day party when Tyrese’s hands apparently got a little happy at being that close to Miss Mary and one of ’em found itself in off-limits territory.

As you can see in the video (below), Mary had quickly turned into her gangsta-azz Monet Tejada character from Starz’s “Power Book II: Ghost”  in order to check Tyrese.

In the video, now with more than one million views on Twitter, when Tyrese puts his hand on Mary’s bare thigh, Mary abruptly shoos it away and hilariously (but in a serious tone) tells him “Aye, aye, aye, n*gga,” as a warning sign for him to back off. Watch it: In a matter of seconds, Mary quickly changes her face from annoyed to a smile, so the pair can still get their picture snapped and the party can continue.

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You won’t be surprised to learn that fans are down with Mary for stepping up and getting knucklehead Tyrese to show some respect. “She such a real n***a aye aye aye aye,” one commented. Another said, “Yes to her energy!” A third user advised Tyrese, “That’s Lorenzo Tejada’s leg he better back up.” Someone else wasn’t impressed with Tyrese’s move, blasting him, “Eww made me cringe he would even try to do that.”

Here are some more reactions:



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