Monday, April 19, 2021

Rihanna Sued by German Father-Daughter Music Duo for Song in Fenty Ad


*A German father-daughter music duo known as King Khan is suing Rihanna saying she used one of their tracks in an Instagram post to promote her Fenty cosmetics line.

According to the new lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, King Khan and Saba Lou claim they created and own the music and lyrics for a song called “Good Habits (and Bad),” which appeared in RiRi’s post.

Here’s more from the outlet:

In the docs, they claim Rihanna did not have their blessing, or legal permission, to use the tune. Their theory is she just ripped it from a music streaming platform.

The duo’s going after Rihanna for damages, noting the ad got more than 3.4 million views … and they want her to stop using their song.

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In related news, Rihanna teased in a new interview that the COVID quarantine has allowed her ‘creativity blossom’ as she is on a much-needed break from her busy schedule. 

“At first it was strange because I am not used to being still – but during quarantine you have no choice but to be still. Then you start to realise during lockdown you are stuck there with your own thoughts and your imagination and it really helped my creativity blossom,” she told the publication.

She also teased that she wants her new music to be on a ‘different level’ next year. 

“2021 is a little unknown for everybody and nobody is sure what restrictions there are going to be. My creativity is within my control though, and I want to take my music and my brands to a different level,” she added.

Rihanna shared with fans in September that her new album could come “sooner than they think.”

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Rihanna said: “It’s probably going to be sooner than fans think but I’m just going to leave that alone because I’ve got enough stress and questions like, ‘R9, where’s the album?’”

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