Saturday, September 18, 2021

Former Accelerating Black Global Car Designer Talks Exiting Elite Group to Pursue God’s Purpose with SiriusXM’s ‘Auto Trends’

Artist Brian Peterson Inside One Of The Car Interiors He Designed (Photo Credit: K)

*How many times have you thought about changing careers or jumping into the world of entrepreneurship, but self-doubt and fear kept you from shifting gears?

With America being in the throes of a pandemic, a recession and been forced to reckon with social, economic and racial justice from the African American community, Brian Peterson, who was a member of an elite club, as one of thirty Black car designers in the entire world, decided to listen to his ‘Father,’ as he finally drummed-up the nerve to step out on faith to pursue his purpose, which centers around the homeless, his love for people and using his God-given artistic gift.

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Humanitarian Brian Peterson Humanizing One Of The Homeless Members In The Community He Has Befriended Via One Of His Masterpieces (Photo Credit: Facesofsantaana)

Ironically, Peterson exited his dream career, at the height of having a production-ready 2021 vehicle in the pipeline, which is the goal of every designer …  to have ‘their baby’ on the street and in consumers’ driveways. Peterson, who is such a rarity in the automotive design space, was told during his formative years at a Miami high school, one has a better chance of becoming a professional athlete, although those slots are limited too, but not as limiting, as those in the automotive design arena. And when you add Peterson’s ethnicity to the mix, the pool of slots available in the world of automotive design is virtually unattainable for most artists.

Tune in, as the awe-inspiring, high-achiever shares, with Auto Trends with, how he took a sizable reduction in salary to answer the call of ministry, while his dream career was accelerating. Even more daunting, after finally landing on his true purpose, Peterson had to honor God by foregoing all of his salary in the midst of he and his wife, Vanessa, raising their first newborn.

As we roll into 2021, this one-on-one conversation, with the affable humanitarian and artist, will inspire you to find your purpose and take the necessary risks despite all of the economic indicators and naysayers telling you now is not the time.

Moreover, learn how Peterson rebounded financially, too, while moving beyond his childhood fear from becoming a starving artist. Check out his work on Instagram @ facesofsantaana.

Tune in for our special holiday schedule on SiriusXM and/or one of our FM online affiliates by clicking here. The program with Peterson will air on SiriusXM from Sunday, December 20, 2021 thru Thursday, January, 8. 2021. The program will be aired on the FM outlets on designated days. Our post-holiday weekly programming resumes on all radio outlets on Saturday, January 9, 2021.

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