Thursday, August 11, 2022

Hateful Letter Demands Black Florida Family Remove Pictures of Daughters Outside Home

Xanah and Xarah Sproul,

*A Black family in Florida is being racially harassed over decorations outside their home celebrating the high school graduation of twin sisters. 

An anonymous note left in the family’s mailbox read: “Don’t you think enough is enough? It’s time to take those hideous posters of that ugly fat black girl down off your house.”

“What a disgrace to the neighborhood. In fact, your entire brood is a disgrace to the neighborhood. Consider moving to a ‘hood’ of your kind. Your neighbors are watching you!” the letter continued, MSN reports.

Toya T’mour Sproul, mother of the teenagers, shared the note on Facebook. 

Twins Xanah and Xarah Sproul graduated from Yulee High School with honors. They have been awarded scholarships and plan to enter the premed program at Saint Leo University in the fall, per BuzzFeed News.

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Xanah and Xarah Sproul,

The letter left the twins’ father, David Sproul, shocked, as the family has lived in the neighborhood for five years.

“I would say that was coldblooded because it was directed about kids. Even if it wasn’t about race, to do something like that to a child, say something like that to children is terrible,” he told NBC News.

“Although they are very accomplished young ladies and they do work very hard … at the same time, this didn’t happen to two accomplished young women. This happened to two young Black women,” Sproul continued. “The person who did this didn’t know that they had any accomplishments, didn’t know their work ethic in any way. This happened to two humans, and it shouldn’t have happened at all.”

The family filed a police report with the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office. 

Undersheriff Roy Henderson said in a statement: “We at the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office do not tolerate racism and hate crimes in our county. This is out of character for Nassau County and we will continue to investigate this incident. We are proud of the Sproul twins’ accomplishments and hope to get to the bottom of this soon.”

The sheriff’s office intends to test the letter for possible fingerprints.

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