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It’s Gettin’ Testy! Ex-KJLH Jock and Najee Ali Trade Verbal Blows Over Stevie Wonder Kidney Donation Accusation


Earlier Don Amiche responded to Najee Ali‘s original assertion that he (Amiche) lied about donating a kidney to Stevie Wonder by hitting back at Ali on his (Amiche’s) Facebook page which you can see below.

Now, Najee Ali has taken another shot at Amiche with this response emailed to EURweb:

“What kind of sick mind lies and jokes about anyone going through this, much less one of our national treasures, Mr. Stevie Wonder? Who does this?

“The facts are Don Amiche lied on his Facebook page about being the kidney donor to Stevie. Once I asked him to remove the lie he refused until EUR broke the story on his lie.  He then finally removed the post and lie and then personally slandered and attacked me for telling the truth. Amiche is nothing but a disgruntled washed-up jock who was fired by KJLH.

“The bottom line is Amiche lied about being Stevie’s kidney donor. No amount of slander against myself will change those facts.”

*In news related to entertainer Stevie Wonder, civil rights activist Najee Ali CEO of Project Islamic Hope is calling for a former KJLH radio personality, Don Amiche (ex-cohost of the Mac and Amiche Show), to immediately apologize to Wonder, his family and friends.

Ali is also demanding that Amiche delete his Facebook post where he states that he’s donating a kidney to Wonder (who also owns KJLH radio).

“Just so you know, I’m donating a kidney to #StevieWonder. please pray for both of us that the surgery will be a success in September.


don amiche - stevie wonder
Don Amiche – Stevie Wonder

Najee Ali says the Facebook statement by Amiche claiming he is Stevie Wonder’s kidney donor not only went viral, but the reality is it’s a lie and a hoax:

“Amiche is a public figure who used his social media to spread a lie concerning Stevie’s health has angered many friends and fans of Stevie’s nationally who are all deeply concerned about Stevie’s health.

“For Amiche to falsely claim he is Stevie’s donor does a grave injustice to Stevie’s legitimate donor who stepped forward to help Stevie in his time of need. Stevie’s health is nothing to laugh about. And for Amiche to do this to Stevie who once employed Amiche at his radio station KJLH is inexcusable.

“Stevie is well-loved worldwide and by myself. I immediately stepped forward to Stevie’s team and even offered to donate my kidney to Stevie if it was needed. This is nothing to joke about it. Amiche you owe us all an apology.”

We reached out to Don Amiche and he responded on his Facebook page and that response to Najee Ali can be seen above.


najee al - stevie wonder
Najee Ali is seen assisting Stevie Wonder back to his car at Obama Blvd street naming ceremony on May 4, after complaining of not feeling well.

EURweb was first to report news of Wonder’s health issue regarding his kidneys. On Saturday, the singer himself validated our story when he told the audience at his concert in London that he is taking time off for a kidney transplant in September.

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