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Beverly Pye: Being on One Accord with the Lord

Beverly Pye (Photographer: Kevin McClellan)

*Christians, it’s time to change the contemporary church playbook. Yes, good preaching and good singing is well and good, but true worship must become top priority and intentional.

If Sunday is the only time that we all seem to come together, then we must rethink our Sunday service. At least one Sunday per month, prior to arrival, we should consecrate ourselves and come prepared for worship.

No set agenda, just allowing the Holy Spirit (the third person of the Trinity) to have his way, so that we may be on one accord with the Lord.

One accord means in part: being in full agreement; united in spirit and purpose; striving together with a single mind; in sync; in the same place at the same time.

In the first five chapters of Acts the early church was said to be “with one accord” (Acts 1:14; 2:1; 2:46; 4:24, 5:13).  Additionally, other passages indicate: they were together, had all things in common (Acts 2:44); ate with gladness and singleness of heart (Acts 2:46); one heart and of one soul (Acts 4:32).

It began in Luke 24:50-54 with worship, daily praising and blessing God.  In Acts 1:14 they continued with one accord in prayer and supplication.  They were devoted, steadfastly attentive, unremitted, and exerted intense effort (as expressed in the Greek word for continue). God is trying to teach us something by using both prayer and supplication.  The word used for prayer expresses the idea of entering into the presence of God. It’s coming before a holy God with a pure heart and attitude of surrender to worship him. When we relinquish ourselves to the Holy Spirit we enter into one accord with the Lord to do his will. Simply put, this is worship in spirit and in truth. Supplication means to make a request for a need. Worship comes before supplication.

The way of life for the early church was continuing in the word, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer (Acts 2:42). They created an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to manifest himself. Hearts were knit together and the Lord added to the church daily. We see the same pattern in Acts 4:24-32: one accord in worship, the moving of the Holy Spirit (all were filled and spoke the word of God with boldness) and they gave up their possessions.

One word that resonated with me was “all.” All came together for prayer (worship) and all were in one accord. Too often we function in our churches as individuals. We pray individually but not corporately. Only a few consistently show up for weekly prayer meetings. Yet we expect the Holy Spirit to move mightily in our Sunday service.

Being on one accord in the Lord and one another is essential for any church to strive and survive!

Beverly Pye is a member of Agape Christian Fellowship in Los Angeles, California. She is a retired teacher, counselor, assistant principal, principal, and district administrator. After retiring from the school district, she earned a Masters in Divinity (M Div) from Fuller Theological Seminary. Contact: [email protected]


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