Sunday, October 2, 2022

Lead Singer of Color Me Badd Talks Alcohol Addiction w/ Dr. Phil: ‘I’m Worried For My Life’ [VIDEO]

*Bryan Abrams, the obviously over weight lead singer of 90s R&B group Color Me Badd, appeared on Dr. Phil this week, where he opened up about fame and how his alcohol addiction is affecting his relationships.

Abrams and his high school friend, Mark Calderon, shot to fame thanks in part to the success of their hit record “I Want to Sex You Up.” Abrams says, “We were successful and we wanted to stay successful, but there was a lot of pressure.”

So he turned to alcohol to cope with his issues.

“It started out slow, a shot before going on stage. As the years progressed, I started drinking more and more to the point where I was binge drinking,” says Abrams who says he has gone to rehab four times. “I’m afraid I’m going to be one of the next entertainers that you hear about that they found in a hotel room that drank themselves to death. I’m worried for my life.”

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In the video above from Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Abrams dishes about an incident that occurred between him and Calderon when Abrams was intoxicated.

Meanwhile, Abrams’ wife, Kim, reveals they have separated several times due to his addictions and abusive behavior.

Last summer, Abrams was reportedly arrested for pushing Calderon while on stage during a show in New York. Mark was forced to get a restraining order against Bryan and the two have not spoken in over seven months, despite having an upcoming show.

His family and friends fear for Bryan’s life but disagree about the best way to solve the problem.


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