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Blind Items: Money Money Money

*The following lengthy Blind Item comes from Hollywood insider Enty Lawyer. Please address all inquiries and complaints to the original source.

Money Money Money: Along the Gulf Coast in all the little beach towns there are hundreds upon hundreds of pseudo big box stores that sell all kinds of beachwear and beach items to the general public. Are they needed? Sure. Are there about 30-40 times too many for what is necessary? Yes. The thing is though, there are purportedly three different companies that run these stores. The truth is there is only one shell company that runs them all. A shell company that uses these companies to launder money.

There is so much product in each of these stores and only a fraction of it is ever sold because there are far too many of them for the number of consumers. They don’t care though and keep building more and more because they are money laundering machines. So, you might be asking, why do I care? Well, because one of the founders of it is a very famous manager of talent that all of you know. That manager has one very big client and one lesser known client all of you know who are very very close to the manager. Both of those clients launder their money through this front.

As this became more known, more celebrities wanted in on it which necessitated building more and more of these stores to the point there is almost no room to put them in the towns any longer so now they are building them “in anticipation of people moving there.” So, yeah, they are building them where no one even lives. Porn companies wanted in on it so the manager brought them in on it, especially because he is an investor in at least two dozen porn companies which his two most famous clients know nothing about.

Apparently things have become a little dicey over the past few months because some drug money has moved their way in and they would like to take over the nearly thousand stores but don’t want to pay a fair rate and are making threats against the manager and the talent.

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