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Historic: North Carolina Has 6 Black Women Police Chiefs for the First Time Ever

Four of North Carolina's six black female police chiefs
Four of North Carolina’s six black female police chiefs

*Six black female police chiefs have made history in North Carolina.

Raleigh’s Cassandra Deck-Brown, Durham’s C.J. Davis, Morrisville’s Patrice Andrews and Fayetteville’s Gina Hawkins are among the six who currently hold the titles throughout the state. It’s the first time in North Carolina history that this has ever occurred.

The above four spoke to local station WRAL last week about their experiences being women of color in leadership positions within the force. Women make up just 13 percent of the police force in America, according to the National Center for Women and Policing.

“We’ve broken a glass ceiling,” Deck-Brown told WRAL. “So, becoming chief, the honor is knowing that somebody else has that opportunity to get there.”

The women, who said they often feel the need to do more to prove their abilities to men who may doubt them, have over 100 years of experience among them.

Andrews, who was sworn in to her position last year, was the fourth black female police chief appointed in her area. Others, like Hawkins, who began as Fayetteville’s police chief in June, became the first woman and first minority in the city to do so.

The police chiefs acknowledge that tension exists between cops and the black community and count their compassion, empathy and communication among the key traits they display on the job ― and that these qualities can contribute to a positive change in the way cops police communities, especially those where people of color are specifically targeted.

“This is a paradigm shift in policing,” Deck-Brown said. “This is what 21st century [policing] looks like. All we need is the opportunity. Some do it better than others, but we need the opportunity.”

Watch video of their interview below:

NBC’s Megyn Kelly also interviewed the ladies.

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