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OSU Attack Survivor Declines Invite to Meet With Donald Trump


*A survivor of the recent attack at Ohio State University turned down an invitation to meet President-elect Donald Trump during his visit with victims Thursday afternoon.

OSU professor William Clark was among the 11 victims injured when a student drove into a crowd of pedestrians and began stabbing people in late November.

Within days of the attack, Trump tweeted that the suspect, a Somali immigrant, should have never been allowed to enter the country.

The tweet rubbed Clark the wrong way, to say the least. He appeared on CNN Thursday to explain why he refused to meet with the new president.

“I was frankly a little put off by Mr. Trump’s initial reaction to the attack, where he got on Twitter and quickly blamed immigration policies for allowing this to happen,” Clark told CNN. “I’ve been a professor for 35 years and I know these issues — when students do these things, they’re often more complex than that.”

Clark, who said he is “improving slowly day by day” and “getting better,” also said a meeting with Trump was not really “necessary” for his recovery.

“First of all, from my healing standpoint I didn’t feel it was a necessary step for me,” Clark stated. “I’m older than most of the other victims and they had a more traumatic experience being chased by a guy with a knife than I did.”

Watch below:

All 11 of those injured in the attacks are expected to recover. Abdul Razak Artan, the suspect in the attack, was killed by a police officer at the scene.

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