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Knowledge Shabazz: I Am Wrath

knowledge shabazz (2016a)
Knowledge Shabazz

*Writing is my true medicine, my voice. Others use alcohol, drugs, love or gambling. Anger has taken full hold of America and the world. We are measured now by division and hate! I used to be so close to wrath and extreme anger that it spoke to me and consumed me as if it were a living entity. It’s alive because so much energy is poured into it. So, what if wrath could speak?

I AM WRATH! I’ve been fed so much by the lives of the immature and the downtrodden peace and love. I am winning, not just here but all over the world. I rise from the dissatisfied. I AM WRATH. I exist from bad decisions, those decisions that end your freedom. I take you away from your family and your children. I am more powerful than anger. I cause more profound damage than rage. I AM WRATH! In a world of human life, I’ve fed off of racial tension. The color of your skin has driven me to the first choice of resolution, even when you are all one. Religion has steered me to becoming the norm! I am the answer to frustration. You feel me? I AM WRATH! Your war is my comfort. Mistrust in laws and their enforcement causes lack of safety. I am in the lives of the simple man/woman. I am the inability to express yourself. I cause over reaction. I am the mistake you can’t make right. I’ve replaced good judgment.  I am beyond walking away. I am a rash thought and action.

I kill dreams. I am the opposite of patience. I am the eliminator of short and long term goals. I touch the fed up youth of ghettos. I even reach the middle and upper class. I bully kids in their schools. I manifest into mass shootings. People lust for my cousin, money. I make you think you need, no, deserve it all, NOW! I’ve killed the idea of “work and earn” to “right now or burn”!

I AM WRATH. For me, many would rather stop themselves with explosives and die with as many as they can take with them. I have many instruments of destruction. The AR-15 is my new child. You need experience with him. He kills indiscriminately. I live in the youth who see no other way. I live in the ambush. I live in drug infested neighborhoods. I live in both big cities and rural areas. The new media outlets let all connect to my carnage. I inspire those with impulse control problems. You’ve seen my work in France. My seed grows in the Middle East. Do you see my destruction and break down of the continent of Africa? I have been firmly planted in North and South Korea. I am causing America to push closer to Civil War. You don’t have the courage or trust to push me back into the darkness in my place of the shadows or love and patience. I count my victories with body counts.

I AM WRATH! I live in the common person when a simple car accident turns into murder. When there’s stress in your life, it causes you to lash out and make life altering decisions. I live in the frustration of single mothers. So frustrated that pills and drugs take over. I live inside the NRA and its tools for my advancement. I will touch your life. Can you overcome me? Many only see today. There’s no big picture view. Now is where I live.

I AM WRATH! Living and breathing! Now you know I am rage and anger mixed together. Doubt me no more. Love is my opponent, but you tell me… Whose winning?

Copyright 2016


Knowledge Shabazz

I am a ferocious writer with the passion of Langston Hughes and the eternal blood of Jupiter Hammon. I was born and survived in Brooklyn, New York in 1981. Black Nationalism was instilled in me at an early age, a pride and process of achieving self-worth.
Through the darkness of struggle, have I come to live the words “the ink from one pen will endure longer than the blood of a thousand men”.
Thank you,
Please contact me through my agent, Ultra Ulvick (406) 241-6801 or [email protected]


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