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Clinton or Trump: You Have to Vote for One of Them

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*Ice Cube is famous for saying things you’ll remember. During a conversation about the importance of voting the hip-hop icon and actor uttered yet another standout statement. He said, “I know if you don’t vote it really doesn’t count. And if you vote it might count. So which one would you rather be involved with?”

Americans find themselves dealing with an interesting predicament this election year. While some stand firmly behind either Republican candidate Donald Trump or Democratic selection Hillary Clinton, the rest find both potential presidents unworthy of their vote. Throughout social networking and various new sources, numerous US citizens have gone on record saying this time around they’ll decline their constitutional right.

For those concerned about the future of our country, is not voting the best course of action?

JCutlass of aggressive revolutionary hip-hop trio Konspiracy Kamp believes so. He tells EURweb, “you should not vote for anyone you do not support – period. I don’t call it wasting a vote when you do the right thing. Both candidates are awful choices.”

Thad “Styles” Hearst, a music executive and A&R in Nashville working with Jerkin Music Group, says he doesn’t agree with Clinton or Trump but still feels it’s important to vote. “One of the candidates will win regardless, so I would rather have a say rather than letting someone else have their say and voice over mine. Choosing the lesser of two evils is me having a say in this election. Even though I don’t think either candidate is qualified, I plan to choose the candidate that will impact me the least negatively.”

Author and pioneering blogger Thomas Rain doesn’t think so. Expressing his social and political views online since 1998, he was more than happen to share his opinion with EURweb. The Denver resident says, “I call these people ‘the remaining fragments of sanity’. They should vote because, unlike other elections where we are led by the nose to believe one side is the devil and the other side is with the angels, in this election a Nazi is running for president and has convinced the fact-resistant that he can make America white again.

“These fact resistant inhabitants of the alternate universe are hopeless, an attempt to reach them or persuade them is foolish and a poor use of time,” Rain says. “Those living in reality though – there is hope for them, dismayed as they may be – cringing at the thought of voting for a lying criminal. Not only should they vote, but they should vote for whoever is most likely to beat Trump.”


During our coverage of Hip-Hop 4 Flint, June Mega of socially-driven group Wisemen spoke to EURweb effortlessly about various issues in his home state of Michigan. Whether Americans should or shouldn’t vote is “a tough answer due to the fact that we get lies from both ends,” he says. “Sometimes we have to trade a lesser evil verses a super villain.

“It remains to be seen that exercising your right to vote makes you feel like you’ve done something that matters, but Electoral College picks the president!” Mega exclaims. “So how can we get equality when the system is set up for us to fail? We as the community have to go to town meetings and see what laws are working, and what laws need to be repealed.”

Critically acclaimed hip-hop artist and public speaker Jamal STEELE, who’s LP Driving Toward Our Purpose received rave reviews from among others, has a similar perspective on the issue. A resident of Florida, he feels it’s important to still vote “because of the fact that it’s not just about the presidential election,” he says. “There are many other elections within the state and local areas that seriously need our attention because those are where the real day to day decisions are affected. Those who truly represent the ideals and principles that we need to be placed in action in our communities need to be represented on our county and city commissions, our state house and senate, and our national House and Senate.”

The race for our next United States president has never resulted in a unanimous decision. Americans have the legal right to be split or uninvolved. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump remain our nation’s leading choices. In November, like them or not, someone will be elected to office.

“If you don’t see somebody you like,” Ice Cube begins, “I don’t mind not voting. If I don’t see nothing I want at the store I ain’t gonna pick nothing. I’m not going to buy something I don’t want just because I’m in the store. If you see somebody you think should win you have to spend the time and go vote.”

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Mr. Joe Walker

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