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Tommy Davidson’s Transgender Son Goes Viral

Tommy Davidson's Transgender Son
Jerzey Saint Wilson / Instagram

*LA-based model Jerzey Saint Wilson is gaining viral attention after a video of his participation in a “trans man realness” competition resurfaced. 

Many social media users are unaware that Jerzey is comedian Tommy Davidson’s son, Dreddsworld reports. According to The Pink News, the “trans man realness” competition contest occurred during The Main Attraction Arcade Ball, a video-game-themed drag ballroom event held in LA’s fashion district in 2023.

Davidson recently showcased Jerzey (also known as Saint St Laurent) on Instagram, prompting admiration from women who claim the female-to-male social media star is stunning. According to DreddsWorld, one woman wrote, “If we try real hard I’m sure he can get me pregnant.”

“So hear me out…..does he still hv a coochie,” another person wondered.

@rybproductionsinc2 Transman Realness SAINT St. Laurent (@westside.jerzey.saint) . . . Mother Calypso Balmain, Father Torie Balmain, Hazel Balmain presents: The Main Attraction Arcade Ball 11/18/23 . . . Commentated By @Enycesmith . . . Captured by: @fatha_lyght x Curated by: @rybproductionsinc . . . #Fyp #Transmanrealness #10s #foryourpage #model #saintlaurent #transman #transisbeautiful #ftm #explorepage #ballroom #Westcoastballroom #rybproductionsinc #artist #tattoos ♬ original sound – RyB Productions Inc.

The video of Jerzey at the transman competition went viral on TikTok. It was reposted on X/Twitter and amassed 3.5 million impressions. Watch the clip above. 

According to The Pink News, Wilson competed in the “Private Security” category, described as: “Being security for a building is one thing. But you work for one of the biggest gaming executives of all time. You got the job because you fit all the criteria. One you’re ready for anything and the look of intimidation to match. In a nice clean look of your choice come and show why the boss made the right choice.”

Jerzey is Tommy’s son with his first wife, a Black woman named Desiree Davidson. The IG post above shows Jerzey as a little girl with his mother. Jerzey shared the picture in 2018 along with a lengthy caption that said in part:  “I pray everyday that he gives me second chances to right my wrongs with you. I pray that he helps me to grow into someone as giving and as selfless as you. I pray that he uses me as long as I’m here to be strong enough to carry you through your darkest days. I pray that he shows me how to be more and more like you.”

Check out more images of Jerzey below.

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