Friday, May 24, 2024

‘King Charles’ Dethroned: CNN Concludes Charles Barkley and Gayle King’s Show | VIDEO

Charles Barkley - Gayle King - CNN
Charles Barkley – Gayle King – CNN

*The reign of “King Charles” on CNN has reached its conclusion. Yep, the news giant is bidding farewell to what was supposed to be its prime-time gem featuring the dynamic duo of Charles Barkley and Gayle King, just shy of five months since its grand debut.

The curtains closed on the CNN limited series in its final episode last week, as the co-hosts shared heartfelt thanks for the dedicated team behind the scenes and exchanged warm compliments.

“I must admit, Charles, it’s been an absolute pleasure working alongside you. And something tells me, this isn’t our final act together,” King declared.

“Keep that phone handy, Gayle,” Barkley teased in response.

“To our viewers, until we meet again, whenever that may be, thank you for joining us over the past half-year. We’ve had a blast,” King bid farewell to the audience.

When CNN first unveiled the show last April, Barkley made it clear that it would steer clear of political divides. “We’re steering clear of labels like liberal, conservative, Republican, or Democrat. Those divisions have already tainted the airwaves,” he emphasized.

A CNN representative reiterated that the show was always intended as a limited series, with its final bow scheduled for spring 2024.

“King Charles has gracefully reached the conclusion of its scheduled run, as we announced from its inception last autumn. It proved to be a noteworthy addition to CNN’s lineup, capturing the attention of the youngest, most affluent, and most diverse audience within its cable news time slot,” the spokesperson affirmed.

Conceived by former CNN CEO Chris Licht, the program paired his ex-CBS News compatriot, King, with the renowned and outspoken Barkley to dissect the week’s events. Despite early episodes struggling to resonate with viewers, CNN proudly highlights the show’s appeal to a youthful, affluent, and diverse audience.

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