Saturday, June 22, 2024

The Hill Fires Reporter for Rolling Her Eyes at Family of Israeli Hostage | Video

Briahna Joy Gray
Briahna Joy Gray and Yarden Goden / screenshot

*Political commentator Briahna Joy Gray turned to social media to confirm that The Hill terminated her after she rolled her eyes during an interview with the family of an Israeli hostage.

Gray appeared to sigh and roll her eyes while speaking to Yarden Goden, the sister of hostage Romi Gonen, who was allegedly taken by Hamas on October 7, RadarOnline reports.

“It finally happened. The Hill has fired me. There should be no doubt that @RisingTheHill has a clear pattern of suppressing speech — particularly when it’s critical of the state of Israel,” Gray wrote on X.

During the conversation, Gonen said, “I really hope that you, specifically, will believe women when they say that they got hurt.” This prompted Gray to roll her eyes before ending the interview.

Per RadarOnline, Israeli Zionist Hen Mazzig, founder of the Tel Aviv Institute, tweeted, “The Hill’s @briebriejoy rolling her eyes and sighing after Yarden Gonen, sister of a hostage in Gaza, asking her to believe rape victims. No low this person won’t sink to, truly disgusting.”

Gray has been critical of Israel’s attacks in Gaza, and she claims her firing is “clearly part of a coordinated effort.”

“It was only a matter of time before they fired me,” she said on X, noting that she will further discuss the issue on her Bad Faith podcast.

Watch Gray’s segment with Goden via the X clip below.

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