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‘RHOA’ Star Marlo Hampton Admits Ozempic Addiction, Physical Toll On Her Body | WATCH

*Living the life of a reality TV star can really take a toll on your body. For Marlo Hampton, the toll came physically with an addition to Ozempic. In an interview with Carlos King, Hampton confessed to being addicted to the diabetic weight loss drug, saying bluntly, “I had got addicted to it, b—!”

“I had lost 30 pounds, sample sizes, everybody was sending me clothes, I was like, ‘Yes! Yes!’” the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fixture told King.

Despite enjoying her slimmer figure, Hampton noticed the effect Ozempic had on her body, with noticeable changes she detected.

“Then, I was like, ‘Alright, b—! Your menstrual acting funny, you getting a lil breakout, this s— is messing with my body.” she said while revealing that constipation followed.

Marlo Hampton - Getty
Marlo Hampton – Getty

Overall, Ozempic caused the reality TV fixture to be constipated for three weeks, according to Ice Cream Conversations.

“I’M LITERALLY FULL OF S—!” Hampton shared. “Anyone out there doing it – I did do it for six months…I know my body.”

As for the effects on her body, Hampton wasn’t shy about how Ozempic changed her physically.

“I barely even go to the restroom, but really wasn’t doing number two,” she said. “Then, my face started breaking out, my menstrual started acting funny.”

As with most addicts, Hampton knows she has work to do to get back on track. And she is doing so, with working out and losing the 10 pounds she gained after coming off Ozempic.

Ozempic injection pen - screenshot
Ozempic injection pen – screenshot

With her addiction, Hampton joins many who were taken and became addicted to Ozempic. Despite being a drug designed to help diabetics lower their blood sugar via enabling the pancreas to produce more insulin, Ozempic has become the item of choice for nondiabetics wanting to take advantage of its rapid weight loss effect.

Those commenting on their experience with Ozempic, as cited by Ice Cream Convos, include Chelsea Handler, Tracy Morgan, Anthony Anderson, Sharon Osbourne and Amy Schumer.

To hear what they have to say about the controversial medicine, click here.

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