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Coalition of Civil Rights and Faith Leaders to Protest Netflix Over ‘Negative’ Animated ‘Good Times’ Series on Wednesday, April 17 At Noon | WATCH

*A coalition of Los Angeles civil rights and faith leaders will launch a protest outside of the Netflix corporate office – on Wednesday, April 17 – calling for the immediate removal of the “Good Times” animated series and a meeting with Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos.

The coalition claims the “Good Times” animated series promotes the worst negative stereotypical images of African Americans and our culture in the history of television. It makes a mockery of African Americans and depicts them as dumb buffoons, drug dealers, drug addicts, and gun-toting violent gang members trying to kill each other.

The first episode begins with a lead character of the show singing the original “Good Times” theme song in the shower with a roach. The episode begins with a horrible message and any messages of empowerment in that and other episodes are completely overlooked by the buffoonery, the coalition noted in its press release sent to EURweb.com.

“This animated series does not deserve to have the same name as such an iconic show. That is why our coalition of faith and civil rights activists is calling for the immediate removal of the Good Times animated series from Netflix and a meeting with Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos,” says Najee Ali Director of Project Islamic Hope.

“As the mother of a young son who was shot to death. I have spent the last 25 years of my life working to help stop gun violence and the murders of our children, says Lawanda Hawkins President of Justice for Murdered Children. “The ‘Good Times’ animated series featuring a drug-dealing baby who sexualizes grown women. Was shot at because he was selling drugs on a corner. Solicited and supported the murder of an elderly African American woman tenant in the building. There is nothing funny or to celebrate about a baby drug dealer who is selling drugs and responsible for murder. The African American community has lost thousands of real lives due to drugs, gun, and gang violence. This baby drug dealer is promoting violence.

Lawanda Hawkins continues: “The ‘Good Times’ animated series is based on the Chicago Cabrini Green projects which ironically does not even exist anymore. But gun/gang violence and murder in Chicago still does. This past Saturday night 11 people were shot. A 9-year-old girl was shot in the head, she was taken to the hospital where she later died. A 1-year-old boy was shot in the abdomen and is in critical condition. The promotion of violence and murder being a solution in the Good Times animated series should be condemned by everyone across the nation. This is not good times it is bad times any time this type of despicable program is allowed to air on Netflix.  Ted Sarandos, The CEO of Netflix’s mother-in-law Jacqueline Avant a prominent philanthropist was shot and killed in 2001. If anyone should be outraged and sensitive to gun violence and the murder of elderly African American women, it should be him.

“The original ‘Good Times’ cast members John Amos and Esther Rolle battled with the white producers and writers for their “Good Times “show to stop depicting African Americans as buffoons. The buffoonery in the new “Good Times” animated series is everything that Amos and Rolle fought against. Our coalition of African American leaders is continuing the fight that Amos and Rolle battled against concerning ‘Good Times’,” stated Rev. Jonathan Moseley Western Regional Director of the National Action Network founded by Rev Al Sharpton.

Good Times (Big Booty Judys) - via Netflix
Good Times (‘Big Booty Judys’) – via Netflix

“This ‘Good Times’ animated series is not only disgraceful and disrespectful of African Americans. It perpetuates negative stereotypes of African Americans which leads to hate and intolerance by other races. Many of them only know us from what they see on television. We support the request for a meeting with Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos,” mused Cedric Farmer of Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches.

“The ‘Good Times’ animated series is one of the most racist animated series ever produced. Even though Black talent helped create this updated version of ‘Good Times’ Black talent is the voice of some of these characters, including J.B. Smoove, Jay Pharaoh, Marsai Martin Wanda Sykes, and Yvette Nicole Brown. They are all nothing but the fools and tools of white supremacy who are being used by the owners of Netflix and their shareholders whose bottom line is profit. Netflix could care less about the image and dignity of African Americans and our culture. That is why they do not have a problem airing this disgraceful show. Every African American involved with this show only cared about a paycheck and not the dignity of their own people,” opined Khalilah Muhammad of Muslims for Peace.

“NBA Commissioner Adam Silver should launch an investigation into NBA Golden State Warriors all-star guard Steph Curry who is credited as a producer. Curry is helping finance a series that promotes gang violence, drug dealing, and murder and reinforces damaging negative stereotypes of African Americans. NBA Dallas Maverick all-star Kyrie Irving was suspended by the league for simply sharing a tweet that was deemed by some as antisemitic but had to go on an apology tour and lost lucrative sponsors. But Curry is helping financially with an animated series that is harmful to African Americans’ image and culture. The NBA has been silent about this including the NAACP and other national organizations who are always useless when it comes to defending Black people against white corporations. It is as if they are always scared, they will lose a sponsor check at their annual fundraising event,” added Jihad Rashad, also a member of Muslims for Peace.

Press conference
Date:  Wednesday, April 17, 2024
Time: Noon (Pacific)
Location: Netflix Corporate Office
5808 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Sponsored by
Project Islamic Hope
Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches
Second Call
The National Action Network
Muslims for Peace
source: project islamic hope

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