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Playwright Mark Hunter Presents ‘What’s a Man to Do’ – Starring Willie Taylor and Monifah

Mark Hunter
Playwright Mark Hunter presents the ‘What’s a Man to Do’ stage play starring Willie Taylor, Monifah, and Gary Jenkins.

*Highly successful playwright Mark Hunter debuts new stage play “What’s a Man to Do” starring Willie Taylor (“Love & Hip-Hop”) and Monifah Carter (“R&B Divas”). The heart-stirring stage play is about a single father who is dealing with life’s complexities. “What’s a Man to Do” will be at the Flagstar Strand Theatre (12 N. Saginaw Street, Pontiac, MI 48342) Saturday May 18, 2024 at 3pm and 8pm.

Produced by ReMARKable Productions, “What’s a Man to Do” is written by Mark Hunter (ReMARKable Productions) and directed by Shawnta McDougle (Sin’derella, Your God, My Enemy). The gripping stage play delves into the life of a single father who is going through personal turmoil at the same time he is dealing with a family secret.

Willie Taylor and Monifah star in Mark Hunter's 'What's a Man to Do.'
Willie Taylor and Monifah star in Mark Hunter’s ‘What’s a Man to Do.’

Hunter is a veteran playwright and director, and his roster of stage plays includes “Woman Misled” starring Tony Terry; “I Am Who God Says I Am;” “Evicted Love;”  “Eyes of Deception” starring Christian Keys; “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” and “Man Up” directed by playwright legend Shelly Garrett.

Mark went a step further with his stage plays by filming them as movies. His Manifesting a Real King is available now, and his 3rd Degree, a stage play named “Let It Burn” ran for 15 years, was acquired by TUBI. Hunter is in talks now with TUBI about acquiring another Mark Hunter film. Willie Taylor (A Fool and His Money) stars in the 3rd Degree film.

TUBI is a streaming platform of Fox Corporation with 63 million monthly subscribers.

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