Sunday, June 16, 2024

EUR Video News: OJ Simpson Diagnosed with Cancer | WATCH

*Former football star, actor, and acquitted murder defendant O.J. Simpson, 76, has been diagnosed with cancer, according to news reports.

Simpson has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy in Las Vegas. Despite rumors of being in hospice care, Simpson announced on X (Twitter) Friday that he is not in such a situation. He plans to host “a ton of friends” for the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Simpson also posted a video clip on social media that shows him having a good laugh about the situation in his car in ‘Vegas. He says he laughing because the reports of him being in hospice care are not true. In that announcement via X on Friday, the Juice said, bottom line, he is not in a hospice amid reports that he was frail and sickly.

WATCH the report via the player above for more info.

OJ Simpson / Twitter
OJ Simpson / Twitter

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