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Meet ‘Mama Sue’: 76 Yr-old Pioneering Black Woman Owner of Berkeley Cannabis Dispensary | WATCH

*EURweb is featuring the inspiring stories of individuals who are making history during Black History Month. One of these remarkable individuals is Sue Taylor, affectionately known as “Mama Sue.”

When asked how she is doing, she enthusiastically responds, “Oh, I’m incredibly well!” Mama Sue, a cannabis entrepreneur from Berkeley, CA, is determined to ensure that people of her generation can also experience such well-being.

In an interview with ABC7 in the Bay Area, Mama Sue shared her mission of spreading wellness among seniors. At the age of 76, she proudly declares, “This is what 76 looks like, woo hoo!” as she gleefully spins around. Mama Sue’s contribution to her community takes place at Farmacy Berkeley, the cannabis dispensary she helped co-found, now celebrating its fourth year in operation.

Reflecting on her journey, Mama Sue expressed her gratitude for this dream come true. She takes immense pride in serving her community, particularly the older population. As a former Catholic school principal in Oakland, Mama Sue never envisioned herself serving seniors in this unique way. Her perspective changed after the passing of a dear friend who battled cancer.

Mama Sue - Berkeley cannabis dispensary owner - screenshot
Mama Sue – Berkeley cannabis dispensary owner – screenshot

Mama Sue feels a deep sense of responsibility and regrets not being able to provide her friend with the benefits of cannabis due to her fear. Growing up, she had internalized the negative stigma surrounding cannabis fueled by the propaganda of the “reefer madness” era. However, she now embraces the plant’s potential for well-being and is dedicated to educating seniors about its therapeutic properties.

Mama Sue’s journey is a testament to her resilience, growth, and desire to promote wellness in her community.

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