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Haitian Judge Says Former First Lady Martine Moïse Played A Role in Her Husband’s Assassination

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*A Haitian judge has charged former first lady Martine Moïse, as well as the nation’s ex-prime minister and police chief, about the 2021 assassination of President Jovenel Moïse.

These three are among 51 individuals implicated in the case, which includes former Colombian soldiers, close aides of the slain president, and other Haitian government officials and politicians as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

The indictment alleges that Martine Moïse, who sustained serious injuries in the attack, played a role in her husband’s assassination. The judge noted inconsistencies in her statements and some evidence suggesting she may have been aware of a plot against the former president. Testimony from two co-defendants indicated that she expressed interest in running for president post-assassination.

Investigating Judge Walther Voltaire’s accusation did not provide proof that Martine Moïse directly participated in the conspiracy to kill President Moïse.

Moïse’s attorney based in Florida, Paul Turner, did not respond to requests for comment. An arrest warrant was issued in Haiti in October after she failed to comply with a summons for questioning. Her current location is unknown. Following the attack, she received medical treatment in the U.S. and criticized Haiti’s judiciary system as corrupt on social media.

Some experts suggest that Prime Minister Ariel Henry may leverage the case to target political adversaries and absolve himself and his associates from any suspected involvement. Henry was linked to a key suspect and denied any part in the assassination or interference in the proceedings.

“The judge’s investigation wasn’t thorough. It was quite limited and didn’t delve into crucial aspects like the motives behind the killing and who funded it,” remarked Gedeon Jean, director of the Center for Human Rights Analysis and Research in Port-au-Prince.

Former Prime Minister Claude Joseph, who contended with Henry in 2021 following President Moïse’s assassination, is also implicated in the plot. Witnesses claim Joseph aimed to retain his position and act as president until new elections, with backing from the ex-first lady who was reportedly eyeing the presidency in upcoming elections.

Former national police chief Leon Charles is accused of involvement in the conspiracy against the former president. Joseph and Charles did not respond to requests for comment.


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The murder of Jovenel Moïse threw Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, into political conflict and turmoil as criminal gangs expanded their control over significant parts of the nation.

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