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Jerrod Carmichael Catches Black Xitter Wrath with Slavery, Race Play Joke

Jerrod Carmichael (HBO)
Jerrod Carmichael (HBO)

*As one of the best comedians out today, Jerrod Carmichael knows plenty about making good jokes. Unfortunately, a joke he made about slavery and race play has triggered the wrath of Black Xitter (formerly Black Twitter).

Referencing TMZ, HipHopWired reports the controversial joke was made in a recent episode of Carmichael’s new Max reality show, “Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show.”

In the episode, Carmichael joked that he partakes in “race-based role-playing” with his white boyfriend, saying, “I sometimes joke to him that our relationship is like that of a slave and a master’s son … who, like, teaches me how to read by candlelight.”

Despite jeers coming from the audience, Carmichael dug deeper into his joke.

“Yeah, he groans too ’cause he’s a good person. He doesn’t like that f***ing joke. I like that joke. That’s my burden, I think that s***’s hilarious!!’

Jerrod Carmichael
Jerrod Carmichael / Getty

Although Carmichael thought his joke was ‘hilarious,’ Black Twitter was far from amused by the viral moment, with the backlash coming for him from many Black social media users.

“HBO Max canceled every Black-led show on the network so Jerrod Carmichael could suck on white feet,” one user posted on X, while a fellow X poster let the funnyman have it in no uncertain terms.

“Ni**as like Jerrod Carmichael confuse me. If I were into race play, I’d never be the slave. I’d be whipping white bitches and calling it reparations. How are you still the slave in YOUR fantasy?”

At this time, no response from Carmichael called out Dave Chappelle for his transphobic remarks, has been issued.

In the meanwhile, check out the other responses to Carmichael’s eyebrow-raising joke:

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