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Gospel Label AngelicVoicesMinistry Music Preps to Release Three Singles from Three Artists on Its Roster

AngelicVoices and Asim I.I.
Hip-Hop vocalist AngelicVoices and rapper Asim I.I. to release new singles.

*Gospel record label AngelicVoicesMinistry Music, based in the Bronx, New York, announces the upcoming release of three singles from three of its artists. The single “Who Do You Think You Are” by Hip-Hop singer/songwriter AngelicVoicesMusic leads, with the single “A Long Way” by Brooklyn, NY cipher veteran Asim I.I., following.

The last single to be released is from Pastor Lonnell Blair titled “Goodness & Mercy”.

The AVM Music label’s music production is overseen by Vanderbilt Evans, Jr., the imprint’s co-founder, who is known on stage as AngelicVoices. He oversees the label’s music which is available on most major streaming platforms, as well as,, and its own digital outlet

Its music videos are distributed by  Symphonic Distribution. The imprints’ music video cinematographer is LikeVision. The last LikeVision music video, “Why Not” (AngelicVoicesMinistry Music) by Hip-Hop’s AngelicVoices, debuted at #3 on 4M.TV’s Music Block World’s Top 10 Best Artists. On the World Chart the “Why Not” video ranked, at its debut, above Ne-yo’s “Linked Remix” featuring Fabolous.

The label’s other owner, Asim Robinson, is the label’s Operations Manager and known on stage as Asim I.I.

Pastor Blair
Pastor Lonnell Blair to release new single ‘Goodness & Mercy’.

Together they own a streaming channel AVM TV Network at TikiLive and a line of AVM merchandise, such as the AVM Sneaker at AliveShoes. Label head Evans, Jr. is also the music director at Messengers of Life Church in The Bronx, tasked with spreading God’s Word through music. As a beat-maker Vanderbilt won the 2024 Beat Suite Producers’ Competition, beating out over 15 other producers. A virtuoso in music production with a focus on Hip-Hop Gospel, Vanderbilt is also an actor who has appeared in the blockbuster movie Malcolm X starring Denzel Washington. Recently he made a cameo appearance in the music video for the new Shaquille O’Neal single “Rolling” featuring Cory Gunz. The “Why Not” single also features Brooklyn rapper Asim I.I. His rap skills are also featured on the upcoming new single from AngelicVoices titled “Who Do You Think You Are.” Asim I.I.’s next single is titled “A Long Way” which features the vocals of AngelicVoices. Both singles, plus Pastor Blairs’ “Goodness and Mercy” single, are produced by Vanderbilt Evans Jr. (aka AngelicVoices).

On Sunday Sept 29, 2024 beat-maker AngelicVoices will be showcasing his music production skills at the Virtual Open Call event of the Imagination Lunchbox International Film Fest before a panel of film producers and director. On Saturday November 9th AngelicVoices will be performing the new single “Who Do You Think You Are,” featuring rapper Asim I.I. at the 25th annual Los Angeles “Uplifting Minds II” Entertainment Conference as special guests. The “Who Do You Think You Are” and “Why Not” singles are from the upcoming EP “Spiritual Overtones” of AngelicVoices. Both AngelicVoicesMusic and Asim I.I. are member of ASCAP.

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