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GloRilla Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Contract Breach with Atlanta Investor | VIDEO

*Memphis rapper GloRilla, known for her hit single “Wanna Be,” is embroiled in a legal battle with an Atlanta-area investor, Aristotle Varner Jr., founder of the Honey Drip Network. Varner recently appeared on the popular radio show The Morning Hustle, where he leveled serious accusations against the rapper.

According to Varner, GloRilla received over six figures from him to fulfill a series of promotional tasks but failed to meet her obligations.

“GloRilla, she stole some money from me,” Varner claimed during his interview, highlighting that despite the hefty payment, the rapper did not complete the agreed-upon tasks. He mentioned that GloRilla still has two more tasks to complete as per their contract. The ongoing legal dispute has been active for over a year, with Varner expressing frustration over the prolonged court proceedings.

The terms of the contract reportedly included GloRilla promoting Varner on social media, participating in a collaborative Instagram post, and conducting a meet-and-greet along with a 30-minute interview with Varner’s wife, Asia Varner, who is a business coach. While Varner refrained from delving into specific details during the radio interview, court documents released by Spade TV last September indicated that GloRilla was paid more than $400,000 for these promotional activities.

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Adding to the intrigue, a TikTok video from February last year shows GloRilla and Varner recording a promotion for a stock lessons class, which the rapper was slated to join virtually. This video, which once seemed like a promising collaboration, now serves as a stark reminder of the commitments that Varner claims GloRilla has yet to fulfill.

During his interview, Varner suggested that GloRilla’s reluctance to complete the tasks stemmed from a shift in her attitude after achieving significant success. He described her behavior as “cocky,” implying that her growing fame may have influenced her decision to disregard their contractual agreement.

The lawsuit has garnered considerable attention in the media, with fans and industry insiders closely following the developments. As the legal proceedings continue, the spotlight remains on GloRilla and her response to these serious allegations.

For now, the future of this high-stakes legal battle remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: the dispute between GloRilla and Aristotle Varner Jr. is far from over.

GloRilla - via Instagram
GloRilla – via Instagram

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