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Flavor Flav Returning to Reality TV with High School Diploma Goals | VIDEO

Flavor Flav (Getty)
Flavor Flav (Getty)

*Flavor Flav is going beyond the dating scene with coming back to reality TV.

According to Vibe, the Public Enemy hypeman is thinking education, trading the pursuit of love in for a high school diploma.

“Some more reality TV coming up for [me] but no dating shows! It’s not the dating show thing, man,” Flav told TMZ. “I’m going back to high school to get my diploma! That’s what my show is going to be about. Flavor Flav goes back to high school to get his diploma and I’m getting it for real. Not a GED, bro. I want my diploma.”

Pursuing a diploma ca come as a lofty goal. Especially for a celebrity used to having things done for you. For Flav, it’s a matter of doing what is necessary to actually earn his diploma and graduate from high school.

“If I want that diploma, it’s just something that I ain’t got no choice but to adapt to,” the “9” entertainer added.

Flav’s pending return to reality TV comes years after starring in “Flavor of Love.” The three-season series, which ran from 2006-2008, documented the hip-hop fixture’s quest to find the love of his life among a group of 20 women.

Transition to around 2020 and Flav has found new life with sobriety following years of nicotine and alcohol addiction. In 2023, the 65-year-old New York native generated headlines with donating his famous clock chain to Harvard University’s Hip-Hop archive.

“One of my basic philosophies is that any chance you get to spend time with a genius, a revolutionary, or both… take it!” Flav wrote in an Instagram post capturing the occasion.

“Today I checked both of those boxes and was thrilled to spend the day with @lupefiasco and @flavorflavofficial talking about music and justice while we made the rounds at M.I.T and Harvard.”

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