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EUR Movie Watch: ‘Civil War,’ ‘Sting,’ ‘Damaged’ | VIDEOs

Kirsten Dunst  Credit: Murray Close

*Surprisingly, three films opened this week that passed my litmus test. Meaning, I would pay to see them. The first is “Civil War.”

Even before “Civil War” was released, the words Civil War filled the headlines. Chaos erupted in Arizona when a Civil War-era abortion ban remained after lawmakers were unable to repeal it.

Rebellion is not new to America, but never more so than now. Gil Scott-Heron talked about unrest in “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” in 1971.

Racism has not ever been more rampant than now, and those out to overthrow the government seemingly suffer no consequences.

Instead, they are rewarded by many.

Stephen McKinley Henderson   Credit: Murray Close

“Civil War,” directed by Alex Garland, tells the tale of a divisive, dystopian America. Journalists Lee (Kirsten Dunst), Joel (Wagner Moura), and Jessie (Stephen Henderson), take to the road in a race against time to reach Washington, DC before rebel factions descend upon the White House. Their efforts are hampered, however, with deadly results by the infuriating and exasperating photojournalist-in-training, Jessie (Cailee Spaeny).


“Sting” is scary, funny, and has fine performances. For this particular genre, the film is not the usual run-of-the-mill horror film. “Sting” does not rely on blood, guts, and gore to fulfill its purpose. The writing brings intermittent jumps and jolts. Like “Civil War,” “Sting” has its irritating. young female (Charlotte), whose actions wreak havoc on her supporting characters. Yes, Charlotte (Alyla Browne), like in “Charlotte’s Webb.”

(L-R) Charlotte (Alyla Browne) and Ethan (Ryan Corr)  Courtesy of Well Go USA Entertainment

Charlotte lives in a New York City multi-family apartment building. She spends her time traversing through air ducts in the building. When Charlotte discovers a spider that mysteriously arrived from outerspace, she keeps it as a pet. The more she feeds it, the bigger it gets and begins to devour some of the neighbors.

Written and directed by Kiah Roache-Turner, “Sting” also stars Ryan Corr, Penelope Mitchell, Robyn Nevin, Noni Hazlehurst, Danny Kim, Jermaine Fowler, and Tony J Black.

Frank (Jermaine Fowler) Courtesy of Well Go USA Entertainment


Damaged,” now streaming, begins on a high note, capturing viewers’ attention with suspense and intrigue. When a sadistic murderer lands in Scotland, terrified local authorities call on a Chicago police detective who investigated a killing spree with the same horrifying pattern five years earlier. Samuel L. Jackson, along with Vincent Cassel, are on the case in this terrifying thriller. The two detectives, with tortured pasts, try to stop the merciless serial killer before he claims his next victim.

(L-R) Bravo (Vincent Cassel) and Dan (Samuel L. Jackson)

The movie ends on a low note with a hackneyed and disappointing epilogue. But the journey to the conclusion is worth the ride. Directed by Terry McDonough, “Damaged” also stars Gianni Capaldi, Laura Haddock, John Hannah, and Kate Dickie.

Veteran, syndicated journalist Marie Moore reports on entertainment, mainstream media and the Black diaspora.   X: @thefilmstrip     Instagram: @thefilmstriptm

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