Wednesday, June 19, 2024

EUR Video News: Accused NYC Illegal Shelter Provider Sublets Queens Home to Migrants | WATCH

*After being caught cramming numerous migrants into illegal shelters, Ebou Sarr, a small business owner in Queens now claims to have a new plan to house them lawfully.

Despite Mayor Eric Adams’ upcoming visit to the southern border, Sarr is determined to show he can provide legal housing for African migrants in his four-bedroom rental in Queens.

Moving away from the illegal operations in the Bronx and his furniture store’s basement, Sarr now accommodates 12 migrants who pay a monthly rent of $300.

While some neighbors were unaware and are now worried, Sarr insists his intentions are purely humanitarian, reports CBS News New York.

Migrant walking to Queens home provided by Ebou Sarr - screenshot
Migrant walking to Queens home provided by Ebou Sarr – screenshot

As the migrant crisis worsens, with over 184,000 individuals arriving in the last two years, Sarr hopes that Mayor Adams’ trip to the border will shed light on the situation and prompt action to address the ongoing challenges faced by migrants seeking shelter.

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