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Diddy Set to Miss Daughter Chance’s Graduation Amid Legal Woes

Diddy Set to Miss Daughter Chance's Graduation Amid Legal Woes -  (photo: Frazer Harrison-Getty Images)
Sean “Diddy” Combs (Frazer Harrison-Getty Images)

*As Diddy‘s legal troubles continue to mount, the rap mogul is missing some important moments in his children’s lives. The latest in a series of absences will be Sean Combs‘ 17-year-old daughter Chance‘s high school graduation, a milestone event set to take place this Thursday at Sierra Canyon School in the Los Angeles area.

Sources closely connected to the situation tell TMZ that while other family members are flying in to celebrate Chance’s big day, Diddy will not be among them.

Although he has communicated his absence to the family, he did not provide a specific reason. For those familiar with his current challenges, this may not come as a surprise.

The prevailing belief is that his decision to stay away is tied to his ongoing legal issues and a desire to avoid turning the event into a media spectacle that could overshadow Chance’s achievement.

Diddy, who shares Chance with Sarah Chapman, is facing significant legal challenges that are presumably causing him to stay under the radar.

Sean Combs and Chance Combs - GettyImages
Sean Combs and Chance Combs – GettyImages

This pattern of absence is becoming more noticeable; just a few weeks ago, he missed another important milestone—his twin daughters Jessie and D’Lila’s prom, who are juniors in high school. Reports indicate that he remained in Miami during that time.

Despite Diddy’s absence, the graduation ceremony won’t be devoid of family support. Sources say some of Chance’s half-siblings will be attending the ceremony, along with members from Kim Porter’s family. Diddy’s legal and personal complications might keep him away, but the family seems determined to ensure that Chance feels loved and celebrated on her special day.

While it’s unclear how long Diddy’s legal issues will persist and continue to impact his ability to participate in family events, it’s evident that these challenges are taking a toll. As the star juggles his public persona and personal responsibilities, only time will tell how these choices will affect his familial relationships in the long run.

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