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The Pulse of Entertainment: Desmond Donahue Preps National Premiere of ‘Mister Gates’ with Opening in Texas | VIDEO

Mister Gates - promo
Mister Gates – promo

*“It’s about Mister Gates finding out about…his property that’s involved in human trafficking,”  said filmmaker Desmond Donahue, also known as Dehz, about his new feature film “Mister Gates”  (Dondaga Films) starring Mack White, III (Carter High) as Christopher Gates. “It’s (human trafficking) told differently…different lens…in a way it hasn’t been done.”

The feature film Mister Gates, prior to a national premiere, preps for an opening June 8, 2024, at the Grandscape Galaxy Theatres in The Colony, Texas. It also stars Hawthorne James (The Five Heartbeats) as Charles Gates, Christopher’s father; Vic Mignogna (Star Trek: Continues) who plays Senator Cambell; Mila McCoy (Private) as Emily Baker, and Ava Perkins (Generation Hope) as Tiffany Harrison-Gates.

“The idea came to me in my dreams,” Donahue said. “I couldn’t sleep because of my role in 8 Days. To understand, how it can be around us every day and not know it’s happening. More people are paying attention…a new generation to protest.”

“Mister Gates” is produced by Dondaga Films and Whoville Productions. The soundtrack features music by JYoung MDK from Jamie Foxx’s record label CinStation.

The storyline follows Christopher taking over the family real estate business, which has been run by his father Charles.

Desmond Donahue
Filmmaker Desmond Donahue to premier feature film Mister Gates.

The change in command happens after Charles is confronted by a Russian looking to buy the business.

“It’s been incredible working with the actors. They brought it,” Desmond Donahue said excitedly. “There’s nothing mediocre in those performances.”

Donahue is also an actor under the name Dehz Donahue, whose roles include such projects as  8 Days, Carter High, American Crime, The Birth of a Nation, Jerico, Texas Voodoo Zombies, and the series No 1. Films Desmond has written and produced include All Bets In, Caleb Anderson Experience, Dark 2050, and The Office Getaway.

“I tried for several years to get financing,” Donahue added. “I saved for five years…my life savings I gave to it. I have another project in the pipeline that will have the same impact.”

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