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Bishop William Murphy’s dReam Center Church of Atlanta’s Viral Video Causes Controversy: They ‘Walked it Out & ‘Swag Surfed’ | WATCH

*Lawd! What kind of church is this? Maybe we should ask if it’s a church or nightclub? We’re talking about Atlanta’s dReam Center Church that’s getting a lot of attention and scrutiny.

It’s getting the attention due to a video of what went down at its New Year’s Eve services that went viral. All we can say is heated debate then ensued

Bishop William Murphy of The dReam Center Church of Atlanta played two rap songs during the New Year’s Eve service.

“There’s a church that gets me, which was the whole point of the ministry,” Murphy told WSB-TV/Channel 2.


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The video showed people dancing to ‘Walk it Out’ by the rapper Unk and ‘Swag Surfin’ by Fast Life Yungstaz.

On Wednesday, Murphy said he played the song as a reference to the Book of Acts, Chapter 3 in the Bible. In that chapter, a lame man gets help to get up and walk.

“We were talking about 2024 being the best year of your life so far, but there was a responsibility to watch the prophet and then to work the prophesy and the will of God was to walk it out,” Bishop Murphy said. “And that’s why you saw people with their arms around each other. It was come what may, we’re walking this thing out together.”

He added: “When people walk into our sanctuaries there should be something they can relate to,”

Bishop William Murphy of The dReam Center Church of Atlanta / IG screenshot
Bishop William Murphy / IG screenshot

As you can imagine, not everyone was feeling the move. One person wrote, “There’s no way to justify it.”

On the other hand, he got love from a woman who said, “This man is an awesome Bishop, and the younger generation gravitates to his church.”

Oh yeah, if you’re wondering, Bishop Murphy said he played the clean version of each song.

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